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Pain Relief and Symptom Management for Your Chronic Orthopedic Condition at Metro Pain Centers

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Consult Your Treatment Options with Non-Surgical Orthopedic Physicians at Metro Pain Centers

Metro Pain Centers provides short and long-term pain management solutions for various chronic conditions. Our experienced team of doctors uses a variety of tried-and-tested methods to help our patients adapt to their condition while seeking treatment or adjusting to life with a chronic illness. By using the latest techniques and our state-of-the-art facilities, our pain management experts and physicians can develop a treatment plan that can effectively help you manage your symptoms to minimize your condition’s effect on your quality of life. 

Surgery is often the last resort for managing pain from chronic conditions or illnesses. For most patients, non-surgical treatments are the less drastic and more practical options that require less downtime, though are just as effective at helping patients adapt to their condition. 

If you are seeking pain management or treatment for certain chronic musculoskeletal conditions, schedule an appointment at Metro Pain Centers to consult with an orthopedic specialist about non-surgical treatments they can recommend for your condition. 

What Are Your Non-Surgical Treatment Options?

Metro Pain Centers has highly-trained professionals to help you develop a personalized treatment plan for your condition. You can consult with orthopedic physicians, pain management experts, and other specialists with experience in handling your condition without the need for surgical procedures. This, coupled with our state-of-the-art facility that offers minimally-invasive and non-invasive treatments, means that you can seek everything you need in each of our offices in New Jersey and New York. 

Some of the non-surgical treatment options our team can recommend include the following:

  • Medications – this can include over-the-counter pain relievers, prescription medicines, injections, antibiotics, anti-inflammatory medication, medical marijuana, and other oral and topical medications that can help you manage your condition. 
  • Injections – corticosteroids, steroids, platelet-rich plasma (PRP), and other injectable medicines that can offer longer pain-relieving results or cell repair effects. 
  • Physical therapy – strengthen your muscles, minimize your joint pain, improve mobility, or relearn movement to avoid flare-ups, inflammation, and manage your condition to avoid triggering pain. 
  • Non-invasive and minimally invasive treatments – we have the technology and equipment to provide treatments like radiofrequency ablation, laser therapy, endoscopic disectomy, and more. 
  • Assistive devices – we provide the latest technologies for devices like neck braces, arm slings, walking canes, compression stockings, and other assistive devices that can be installed in your home to make your daily routine easier. 
  • Home remedies – our team can recommend effective remedies you can practice at home, such as stretching and exercises that can help you manage your condition. 
  • Lifestyle recommendations – for conditions that can be triggered due to a sedentary lifestyle or unhealthy habits, we can recommend alternatives and changes to your lifestyle that can prevent flare-ups and chronic pain. 
  • Sports medicine – for athletes, we can recommend a special program to manage your condition while continuing your active lifestyle. 

Why Go to Metro Pain Centers for Musculoskeletal Treatment

Living with chronic pain and chronic musculoskeletal conditions involves more than just pain relievers and various home remedies. There are many musculoskeletal conditions that currently have no cure and cause chronic pain. Rather than the drastic measures of invasive surgery that is costly, requires several weeks of downtime, and isn’t a surefire solution, patients can opt to try non-surgical methods first. 

At Metro Pain Centers, we exhaust all effective non-surgical treatments first before recommending surgery. And since each treatment plan is customized, we can ensure each plan is designed to treat your condition and help you adapt to it. Our pain management experts recommend effective treatments that are tried and tested, so they can provide effective pain relief while also minimizing the effects your condition has on your quality of life. 

FAQs About Non-Surgical Orthopedic Procedures at Metro Pain Centers

Q: What conditions can your orthopedic physicians treat with non-surgical procedures?

A: At Metro Pain Centers, we treat a number of musculoskeletal, nerve, and venous conditions that trigger chronic pain. If you are experiencing pain on your joints, muscles, and other parts of your body during movement, schedule an appointment to consult with our orthopedic doctors. 

Q: What’s the outlook of patients who receive non-surgical treatment?

A: Patients that end up needing surgery after receiving the right treatment plan are very rare. Our treatment plans are designed to help you manage your condition by minimizing the effects it can have on your quality of life. Many of our patients go on to lead fulfilling, active lives, living independently, and continuing to do what they love. 

Q: When do you recommend orthopedic surgery?

A: Surgery is often a last resort when it comes to pain management. We can customize your treatment with a combination of multi-disciplinary pain management solutions. If our team has exhausted all non-surgical options but you find the pain of your illness or orthopedic injury still debilitating, we may recommend consulting with an orthopedic surgeon. They may recommend procedures like joint replacement, knee replacement, hip replacement, and more. 

Seek Effective Pain Treatment Plans with Metro Pain Centers Today

Before seeking surgical solutions, it’s best to find minimally-invasive or non-invasive treatment options that can help you manage your condition. Many patients like you have sought custom treatment plans at Metro Pain Centers in New Jersey and New York, and they didn’t need surgery when they had the right plan to manage their pain. 

At Metro Pain Centers, you can find the right treatment plan to minimize your condition’s symptoms and live your best life. Schedule an appointment with us today to talk to an orthopedic doctor to learn more about what our team can do for you. 

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