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Back pain is a general affliction that a lot of people deal with every day, but it’s more varied than it first appears. Metro Pain Centers understands that while the experience can be general for patients who have low back pain, the right method of treatment isn’t merely to describe pain medication – it’s to understand the exact cause behind their back pain. That’s why our team of medical experts and specialists take back pain very seriously.

Metro Pain Centers Works hard to make sure our patients have access to the latest diagnostic tools and treatments to help them with back pain, no matter the severity of their symptoms. With our treatments able to improve cases of acute and chronic low back pain, we’re able to give you the quality of care that you deserve.

If you need to see a low back pain specialist about your symptoms or want to know how to avoid developing low back pain, contact us today to book your consultation. Our team of medical staff and spine specialists are always ready to help.

Back Pain Relief And Treatment At Metro Pain Centers

Low back pain isn’t a disorder in itself, but rather a sign that something’s wrong with you. Because it can be the earliest warning symptoms of conditions both mild and severe, you should never discount back pain when it happens. In most cases, the cause of back pain is mild and goes away with bed rest and some medication. However, for others, it’s a sign that something’s seriously wrong with the spine.

Metro Pain Centers has plenty of experience with the diagnosis, treatment, and aftercare of our patients suffering from low back pain, using a range of traditional and new treatments from physical therapy to PRP injections. We pride ourselves on giving our clients the pain relief that they want while treating the underlying condition causing their back pain at the same time and strive to make every visit they have with us as pleasant as possible.

Even if most cases of back pain resolve on their own and without the need for further treatment, we don’t discount the risks of developing back pain in the future. This is especially true for our older patients or those with pre-existing conditions. This is why we personalize our treatments to the needs of each patient, so they can recover faster from low back pain and avoid experiencing the symptoms entirely.

Why Go To Metro Pain Centers To Get Help For Your Low Back Pain

Metro Pain Centers has extensive experience with treating back pain regardless of the cause, with a focus on long-term solutions that can help those who suffer chronic low back pain. By taking a proactive approach to the symptoms and rapid diagnosis and treatment of the cause, we’re able to provide world-class health care for low back pain that you can’t find anywhere else.

Other benefits of getting your low back pain treated by us include:

  • Full support of an experienced medical team: our specialists and doctors have all the experience required to help you with any concerns you may have about your condition
  • Access to the latest treatments and equipment: from X-rays to MRI scans, we have all the requirements needed to diagnose your back pain for better treatment
  • Constant oversight on your progress: we make sure that your progress is steady no matter what kind of treatment you may be having
  • Options for other regenerative treatments: PRP therapy can also be used with conventional treatments to help boost the results from your primary method of treatment
  • Non-invasive options: surgery is only considered if all other options have been exhausted, saving you significant time and money

Since our focus on your treatment is making sure that your quality of life stays unaffected, Metro Pain Centers aims to provide a comfortable environment during and after your treatments. For people who suffer chronic cases of back pain, this helps you become accustomed to the routine treatments and checkups you may need to make sure that your symptoms don’t escalate.

FAQs About Low Back Pain Treatment

Q: Can I treat my back pain at home?

A: For a lot of back pain cases, bed rest is usually all that’s required to alleviate the symptoms. However, we don’t recommend it if you’ve been feeling back pain because of an injury or your age since these cases require medical intervention to treat. If you’re unsure about the severity of your back pain, it’s never a bad idea to get yourself checked by a medical professional before trying other at-home remedies.

Q: What’s the outlook of people who are experiencing back pain?

A: Most cases of back pain resolve with a few days of bed rest and some over-the-counter medication. For people who experience it because of active injury, it goes away when the underlying cause is treated. Older patients who develop back pain typically have to maintain an active routine to make sure their body stays in shape so they’re less likely to experience back pain, but can still live normal lives without the need for serious medical intervention.

Q: Is there any way for me to avoid back pain altogether?

A: The best way to avoid cases of acute back pain is to be careful with your body, especially if you’re doing physically demanding activities at work or playing sports. However, back pain is a common consequence of getting older – and while you can’t entirely avoid it, there are things you can do to make sure that your risks of developing severe back pain are lower than average.

Trust Metro Pain Centers For Treatment With Chronic Pain On Your Back

A patient can experience back pain for many reasons, so it's important to have a rapid diagnosis for chronic and acute pain. Metro Pain Centers has the expertise necessary to treat lower back pain without the need for surgery, with a suite of conservative treatment options like PRP therapy to help alleviate your symptoms. We can provide immediate and long-term pain relief from your low back pain, making sure that your results aren't acquired at the expense of your comfort.

You can contact Metro Pain Centers today if you need help with any back pain, lumbar issues, or need an orthopedic doctor to consult. Call us now to book an appointment today.

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