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At Metro Pain Centers, we understand that our patient’s needs will always extend beyond the medication or treatments that they receive. This is especially crucial with cases like knee arthritis, where the progression of the condition needs to be treated early – while also maintaining the patient’s quality of life.

With the varied causes and treatments for knee arthritis, Metro Pain Centers uses the best and latest developments in medical science to rapidly diagnose and treat any cases of knee arthritis regardless of severity. Whether it’s caused by an active injury, age, or other pre-existing conditions, we ensure that our patients get nothing less than the care that they deserve.

If you’ve recently been diagnosed with knee arthritis and require treatment for knee or joint pain, contact us today to book a consultation. Our knee arthritis doctor has all the necessary tools, equipment, and information that you need to help you with your condition.

How Metro Pain Centers Treats Knee Arthritis

Knee arthritis is a fairly common form of arthritis since the knees take plenty of load from the body in your day-to-day life. The symptoms that can flare up in knee arthritis can be extremely debilitating and painful to most patients, but especially to older people. This is why Metro Pain Centers has a dedicated array of personnel and services that can help patients who suffer from knee arthritis.

Because it’s a condition that’s best headed off early, we focus on a proactive method of detection and diagnosis that uses an array of laboratory tests and physical exams to determine the severity of your condition. Getting an accurate and rapid diagnosis allows us to put you on treatment soon after, which can fast-track your recovery and ultimately improve your quality of life.

For treatment, we focus on a non-invasive regimen that doesn’t need to resort to surgery as the first option. While knee surgery might be needed in cases of severe knee pain, we believe in letting the body heal in a way that doesn’t tax it even more. This is especially important for knee arthritis, as any complications in the healing process can affect your recovery.

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Why Go to Metro Pain Centers for Your Knee Pain

A knee arthritis doctor is a specialist who is familiar with the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of knee arthritis symptoms. At Metro Pain Centers, we make sure that all of our medical staff and doctors are familiar with the treatment and care for patients with knee arthritis, helping make a welcoming environment every time you come in for a treatment session.

Other benefits of getting knee arthritis treatments with us include:

  • Complete oversight of your progress: we don’t wait for the medicine to take effect – we keep active tabs on your progress during treatment and recovery, to make sure that your results work as intended
  • Full support of our medical team: world-class experts and our years of experience in pain management help us make personalized treatment regimens that are more likely to succeed for your case compared to other general treatments
  • Access to other treatment options: for patients who have severe arthritis, we offer procedures like PRP injection to help boost the effects of their primary method of treatment both short- and long-term

FAQs About Knee Arthritis Treatment

Q: Can I treat knee arthritis at home?

A: Arthritis can be managed with at-home remedies, but it’s important to only follow the ones that have been recommended by your doctor. Since knee arthritis can progress if treated improperly, at-home remedies should never be your first and only option to treat your condition.

Q: What’s the outlook for people with knee arthritis?

A: Early detection and consistent treatment have shown great success in helping knee arthritis patients live normal lives. While a cure is impossible given the different causes of knee arthritis, treatments can help the symptoms become less of a burden on the patient.

Q: Are there any side effects to knee arthritis treatments?

A: Non-invasive treatments are less likely to leave an adverse effect on your body compared to surgical treatments. However, you should always monitor your condition and report anything out of the ordinary to your doctor.

Trust Metro Pain Centers for Arthritis Pain Management

Knee injuries and age are some of the most common causes behind the symptoms of arthritis, which makes them manageable with the right treatment. Metro Pain Centers specializes in the non-surgical treatment of knee pain and joint pain caused by arthritis, combining conservative treatments with innovative procedures like PRP therapy for long-term results. If you’re looking to manage knee arthritis symptoms without surgery, you’ll be in good hands with us.

You can contact Metro Pain Centers if you’ve recently been diagnosed with knee arthritis, or are experiencing pain in your knee joint. Call us today to book your consultation.

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