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Understanding Pain Management

Pain is the body’s protective mechanism that warns about danger. It’s a common condition that many people find frustrating and debilitating. Pain management focuses on providing relief to improve the quality of life. A primary care physician might refer their patient to pain management services if their prescribed treatments don’t seem to improve the patient’s condition.

Pain management physicians focus on evaluating, diagnosing, and treating acute or chronic nerve pain caused by different types of injuries and health conditions. Some of the most common patients that visit a pain medicine doctor are those diagnosed with complex regional pain syndrome, spinal stenosis, cancer pain, arthritis, sciatica, and herniated disc.

Since a pain problem can be a simple or complex issue caused by different factors and conditions, patients are often offered a wide range of interventional pain management treatments like pain medications, spinal cord stimulation, epidural steroid injections, surgical procedures, and more.

Metro Pain Centers:

The Best Clinic for Pain Relief Management in NY and NJ

Looking for a trusted pain medicine clinic near you? Metro Pain Centers has multiple offices around New York and New Jersey to help patients treat different neurological, muscular, or skeletal conditions and relieve pain in the neck, back, joints, and other parts of the body.

Here at Metro Pain Centers, we help patients alleviate pain by creating customized treatment plans based on their overall health, lifestyle, and needs. Our team provides long-term and short-term treatments using a multidisciplinary approach paired with the latest advancements in medicine.

Our highly trained pain specialists and psychiatrists are always looking for the most effective treatment methods for each client using their expertise in the field of pain management, anesthesiology, sports medicine, and osteopathy.

Start living your best, pain-free life with pain relief treatments here at Metro Pain Centers. Book an appointment with us now by calling our pain clinic or visiting us online.

When to See a Pain Management Doctor

One of the common patient complaints we hear at Metro Pain Centers is that they endured the pain for too long until it became worse before consulting a pain doctor. Although other doctors may help with your conditions, it’s better to consult a pain physician once you notice any of these signs:

  • There’s pain whenever your body moves in a specific way or direction.
  • The pain is stopping you from performing simple, everyday tasks.
  • The pain starts radiating from the back towards the arms and hands or down to the buttocks, legs, and feet.
  • Aside from sharp pain, you also experience tingling, burning, or numbness.
  • Over-the-counter medications aren’t helping with pain relief anymore.
  • You want to try other pain relief treatments that don’t require surgery.
  • The pain is starting to affect your quality of sleep.
  • The pain persisted or worsened even after weeks of pain medication and conservative treatment.

Where Does It Hurt?

Tell us more about your pain so we can help you get the proper treatment



At Metro Pain Centers, we help patients alleviate pain using different approaches like interventional pain management, physical medicine, counseling and psychological support, pain medications, and more.

We offer personalized treatments to patients who experience:

PRP Pain Management

    PRP Pain Management

    Interventional Pain Management

      Interventional Pain Management

      Non-Surgical Orthopedic Physicians

        Non-Surgical Orthopedic Physicians



          Medical Marijuana

            Medical Marijuana

            Physical Therapy

              Physical Therapy

              Conditions We Treat

              Our expert team at Metro Pain Centers has years of experience in helping patients relieve pain and other symptoms caused by different neurological, muscular, or skeletal conditions. We are always looking for the most effective procedures using our knowledge in pain management, sports medicine, osteopathy, and anesthesiology.

              We make sure to provide personalized care and treatment for patients who suffer from:


              Arthritis is a joint disease that causes the patient to feel pain and change the way they move. There are several types of arthritis, which is why it’s important to determine the cause first before finding the best treatment for you.

                Arthritis Treatments

                Back and Spine

                Many factors cause back and spine pain, such as muscle strain, injury, spinal nerve pressure, poor posture, or underlying medical conditions. At Metro Pain Centers, we perform consultations and diagnoses first before creating personalized treatments for each patient.

                Back and Spine Treatments


                A bursa is a fluid-filled sac that serves as a cushion to reduce friction between different tissues in the body. When the bursae become inflamed, patients experience pain, limited motion, tenderness in the affected area, and swelling or redness.

                  Bursitis Treatments

                  Cancer Pain

                  Cancer pain is only experienced by some cancer patients, but it takes many forms like burning sensations, dull, achy, or sharp. It might also be severe, mild, moderate, constant, or intermittent. Luckily, most cancer pains are manageable with the right treatments.

                    Cancer Pain Treatments


                    This type of back pain is usually felt around the tailbone of the spine. It happens when a patient gets injured, strains the tailbone, or the muscles and ligaments around it. Coccydynia is usually treated with home treatments, NSAIDs, physiotherapy, or injection of painkillers in the area.

                      Coccydynia Treatments

                      Diabetic Neuropathy

                      This nerve condition is one of the many complications of diabetes. It often affects the nerves around the legs and feet, causing patients to feel numbness, sharp pains, cramps, or increased sensitivity. Some of them even develop serious foot problems.

                        Diabetic Neuropathy Treatments


                        Pain is one of the most common symptoms of fibromyalgia. It’s often misdiagnosed and difficult to treat, but our pain experts at Metro Pain Centers have the right tools and experience to give you an accurate diagnosis and personalized treatments.

                          Fibromyalgia Treatments


                          This type of pain in the head or face is something that everyone experiences multiple times in their lives. But if your headaches are becoming more frequent and severe, it’s a sign to consult a pain management specialist like our team here at Metro Pain Centers.

                          Headaches Treatments


                          Hip pain is usually associated with different muscular and skeletal conditions like arthritis, bursitis, hip fractures, and more. It might affect a patient’s quality of life or even lead to other complications, which is why it’s important to get an accurate diagnosis and effective treatments as soon as possible.

                          Hips Treatments

                          Joint Pain

                          Joint pain is a common complaint among many people. While this doesn’t require immediate hospitalization for most cases, joint pain isn’t something that should be ignored for too long. See a pain expert immediately if the joints are swollen, the pain persists, or you have a fever but no other symptoms of flu.

                            Joint Pain Treatments


                            Knee pain is another common condition that affects people of all ages. Visit us at Metro Pain Centers immediately if the knees give out, swell, or have an obvious deformity.

                            Knees Treatments

                            Myofascial Pain

                            This type of chronic pain disorder causes patients to feel pain in different parts of their body once there’s pressure in some of the trigger points. The pain that patients feel often persists or worsens, which is why it’s important to get treatments like pain medications, physical therapy, or trigger point injections.

                              Myofascial Pain Treatments


                              Neck pain is usually caused by poor posture, but it’s also one of the early signs of more serious health conditions like nerve compression, rheumatoid arthritis, and others. Consult with our experts at Metro Pain Centers today to know more about the different treatments for neck pain.

                              Neck Treatments

                              Pinched Nerve

                              Pinched nerves disrupt how the nerves normally function, causing pain, numbness, or tingling sensation in the affected area. They usually go away on their own, but they affect a patient’s quality of life. Know more about what causes pinched nerves and how to treat them at Metro Pain Centers.

                                Pinched Nerve Treatments


                                Several factors cause swelling and pain in the shoulder joints. This greatly affects a patient’s mobility, which is why shoulder pain should be treated immediately with procedures like physical therapy or medications.

                                Shoulders Treatments

                                Sports Injuries

                                Strains, sprains, tears, bruises, and broken bones are some of the most common results of sports injuries. These symptoms might worsen if the injury is left untreated, so make sure to visit experts like our team here at Metro Pain Centers immediately.

                                  Sports Injuries Treatments

                                  Promote Healing with Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy

                                  Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy is a popular regenerative procedure that utilizes blood plasma to repair damaged cells and tissues. Here at Metro Pain Centers, we use this breakthrough treatment to alleviate pain and reduce inflammation caused by injuries or chronic pain conditions.

                                  During the treatment, our physician assistant draws blood from the patient and runs it in a centrifuge to separate the platelet-rich layer from the rest of the blood. The PRP is then injected into the treatment areas to help relieve pain and discomfort. The entire treatment is performed under the supervision of our board-certified doctors to ensure the patient’s safety.

                                  PRP therapy only takes around 30 minutes per treatment session, but the results only show about six weeks to three months since the healing process takes a while. This non-surgical treatment provides long-lasting healing and reduces the patient’s reliance on medications.

                                  Alleviate Pain and Enhance Mobility with Physical Therapy

                                  Physical therapy focuses on helping patients ease pain and improve mobility through passive and active treatments. At Metro Pain Centers, our team creates personalized physical therapy treatment plans for each patient based on the cause of their acute or chronic pain.

                                  Active physical therapy requires patients to engage in different physical activities and exercises to strengthen their muscles and increase their mobility. But with passive physical therapy, patients only need to relax and let the doctor perform the treatment. Some of the physical therapy approaches we recommend here at Metro Pain Centers include:

                                  • Flexibility exercises
                                  • Osteopathic manipulation
                                  • Hot and cold therapy
                                  • Spinal cord stimulation

                                  Physical therapy isn’t necessarily a substitute for medical treatments to relieve pain. Consult with us now to find out how physical therapy fits in your customized treatment plan

                                  Improve the Quality of Life with Medical Marijuana

                                  If none of the pain relief medications or other conservative treatments seem to help relieve pain, then a patient may be a good candidate for medical marijuana. Here at Metro Pain Centers, our doctors may recommend and prescribe medical marijuana to help alleviate chronic pain symptoms and improve the patient’s quality of life.

                                  Even without pain medications, our bodies produce chemicals to help relieve inflammation and other painful symptoms. Medical marijuana contains tetrahydrocannabinol which helps the body produce more anti-inflammatory chemicals. It also helps lessen the symptoms and complications caused by other chronic health conditions.

                                  Different states have different policies about the use of medical marijuana, which is why it’s important to follow the right steps and undergo a comprehensive health exam. Learn more about medical marijuana and find out if you’re a candidate for this treatment by consulting with us at Metro Pain Centers.

                                  FAQs About Pain Relief and
                                  Pain Management Doctors

                                  Does acute pain turn into chronic pain?

                                  Acute pain is usually gone after three months or once the injury has been treated properly. However, there’s a chance that it may turn into chronic pain and affect the patient’s quality of life without the right treatment. Make sure to get the appropriate acute pain treatments as soon as possible to avoid the development of chronic pain.

                                  Should I only take pain relief medicines if the pain is too intense?

                                  Pain is easier to manage when it’s mild, which is why it’s important to regularly take the pain medication as the doctor prescribed. But if you feel that the pain medicine isn’t helping alleviate pain anymore, then it might be time to talk to an interventional pain management physician about other treatment options.

                                  Are pain relief treatments for the neck and back covered by insurance?

                                  Most of the major insurance providers include coverage for neck and back pain diagnosis and treatments. Talk to your insurance provider or our staff at Metro Pain Centers to find out which procedures are covered by your insurance plan.

                                  What happens if I leave the pain untreated?

                                  Pain affects an individual’s quality of life. If it’s left untreated, it may worsen and develop into permanent nerve damage. It might also affect the function of the other parts of the body as you adjust your movements to avoid triggering pain or discomfort.

                                  Consult with the Right Experts at Metro Pain Centers

                                  Metro Pain Centers is home to some of the best pain management doctors in New York and New Jersey. Our highly trained staff performs different treatments to help patients alleviate pain and return to their daily activities as soon as possible. We make sure to utilize only the best techniques and latest technologies to ensure patient comfort and safety at all times.

                                  Take the first step to a pain-free life and learn more about Metro Pain Centers treatments and services today. Visit our offices in NY and NJ or call us now to book an appointment.

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