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Transformative Stem Cell Therapy at Metro Pain Centers

At Metro Pain Centers, we provide our patients with comprehensive treatment plans to help them manage the chronic pain caused by their conditions. We use a multidisciplinary approach, using various effective pain-relieving treatments and practices to improve our patients’ quality of life. 

While some pain-relieving methods provide temporary pain relief or focus solely on the pain, we also provide regenerative treatments like stem cell therapy that tackle the cause of the pain. Through regenerative treatments like stem cell therapy, we can help our patients grow new cells and rebuild tissue in worn areas in need of tissue repair. 

If you’re interested in regenerative medicine as part of your treatment plan, schedule a consultation with Metro Pain Centers in New Jersey and New York today. You can discuss your condition with one of our physicians and pain management experts and see if you can benefit from stem cell therapy in your custom treatment plan. 

Understanding Stem Cell Treatment

Stem cell therapy is a relatively new treatment in regenerative medicine. The science behind stem cells can allow patients to regrow specific types of cells, which can create new tissue for certain areas with injured tissue that are causing the patient pain. 

Your body is composed of different types of specialized cells, each with their own specific function and purpose that can’t be changed. Once they’ve developed into a certain kind of cell, these cells can create copies of itself a handful of times before they break down, die, and are replaced by younger cells. Think of an adult stem cell as a blank canvas; these are the cells that haven’t been developed into a specific type of cell yet. Adult stem cells have the ability to divide and make more copies of themselves compared to other cells. And when they divide, they can either create more stem cells (which, in turn, repeat the cycle) or create a specific kind of cell with a function. 

Stem cell therapy involves taking donor stem cells (usually from the bone marrow of a donor) and then transplanting them onto the area with damaged tissue via a minimally-invasive injection. The stem cells then improve your body’s natural healing response by replicating and creating duplicate cells of the area, regenerating cells to form new, repaired tissue. 

Receive Stem Cell Therapy for Degenerative Diseases at Metro Pain Centers Offers 

Stem cell therapy is still an experimental procedure, though some patients report a significant change in their condition following their treatment. Rather than just relying on pain relievers and temporary pain-relieving methods, stem cell therapy tackles the cause of the pain, regenerates tissue, and treats the cause of your pain trigger. 

Receiving a stem cell injection can be used in a number of conditions, injuries, and chronic illnesses that cause chronic pain. You can benefit from its regenerative features if you are seeking treatment for the following conditions:

  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Autoimmune diseases that attack tissues, cells, and organs
  • Musculoskeletal injury or illness
    • Osteoarthritis
    • Bursitis
    • Joint injuries
    • Fractures
    • Joint pain (pelvic pain, elbow pain, shoulder pain, etc.)
    • Cartilage defects
    • Ligament-tendon injuries
    • Other orthopedic conditions caused by damaged tissue
  • Spinal injuries and diseases
  • Sports medicine and sports-related injuries

These are some conditions caused by significant tissue damage to areas like soft tissue, ligament, joints, connective tissue, and other types where cells are worn out. To learn if your condition can benefit from stem cell therapy, schedule a consultation with Metro Pain Centers. 

Why You Need Stem Cell Therapy from Metro Pain Centers

At Metro Pain Centers, your custom treatment plans are designed to improve your quality of life and reduce the effect your condition or injury has on your life. Each treatment plan uses effective pain relief methods like medications, physical therapy, and interventional pain management that can handle various symptoms or minimizes the chronic pain a patient feels. But rather than providing temporary pain relief or managing the feeling of pain, regenerative treatments like stem cell therapy treat your condition by restoring tissue that can treat your condition. 

On its own, your body can only do so much when it comes to orthopedic conditions, diseases, and other injuries caused by worn tissue. These conditions don’t have a cure as your body may not be able to restore the tissue on its own, hence the reason for chronic inflammation and pain. But with regenerative medicine like stem cell therapy, our physicians can restore healthy joint tissue that can minimize your condition. 

FAQs About Stem Cell Therapy

Q: Where do you get donor stem cells?

A: Stem cells have to come from a donor’s blood, fat, or bone marrow. While it is possible to perform an autologous transplant, this will require removing your damaged or diseased cells. You need stem cells from a person with the same or similar tissue type. Your sibling or a close biological family member is likely to have the same leukocyte antigen to make them a qualified donor. But if they aren’t available, you can check a bone marrow registry or find a friend whose stem cells match yours. 

Q: Can stem cell therapy by combined with other treatments?

A: Yes, they can. If you want to pursue more regenerative treatments, our physicians may recommend PRP therapy, on top of other effective treatments in your custom plan. Schedule a consultation with our team to learn more. 

Q: What’s the outlook for patients who receive stem cell therapy?

A: Stem cell therapy is still in its experimental stage. However, many patients that undergo stem cell injections find the symptoms of their conditions to be more manageable as the stem cells generate newer cells that develop into new tissue in their affected area. 

Add Regenerative Medicine for Pain Management at Metro Pain Centers

Stem cell therapy is one of the latest treatments that can be used to regenerate damaged tissue and minimize your condition’s pain. On top of the temporary pain-relieving aspects of your custom treatment plan, our pain management experts can recommend stem cell therapy to improve your condition and provide lasting effects. 

Schedule an appointment with Metro Pain Centers today to learn more about regenerative treatments like stem cell therapy. 

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