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Custom Treatment Plans for a Hip Labral Tear with Metro Pain Centers

Metro Pain Centers provide customized pain management plans for patients seeking treatment for their condition that’s causing chronic pain. Athletes and those who lead active lifestyles are likely to develop complications with their joints due to overuse. One of those complications can be a hip labral tear. If left untreated, it can leave hip and groin pain that can degenerate into a more painful condition that can affect your quality of life. 

At our state-of-the-art facility, we have the equipment and a team of pain management experts and hip labral tear specialists that can give you the treatment plan you need to manage your condition. By using effective methods to manage your hip labral tear, you can minimize the effects of the pain and allow you to live your best life independently without being hindered by debilitating pain. 

If you have an active lifestyle and are experiencing hip pain and stiffness, you may have a hip labral tear. Schedule an appointment with a hip specialist at Metro Pain Centers to receive a diagnosis and have your condition treated accordingly with an effective customized treatment plan.

Understanding Hip Labral Tears

Your hip labrum is a ring of cartilage or soft tissue that cushions the hip socket that connects your thigh bone, the femur, to your hip bone. This acts as a gasket to ensure your thigh bone has a wide range of motion while still safely being connected (but not touching) to your hip bone. 

When you have a hip labral tear, the labrum is damaged and breaks the seal between the two bones. As a result, your femur can’t move smoothly and can start to grind within the socket. This can cause pain and limit your movement, which can cause leg and hip movement excess pain. 

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Diagnosing the Symptoms and Causes of Hip Labral Tears with Metro Pain Centers

People with a minor hip labral tear may not notice it, as very minor tears can be repaired within several weeks. For some, they may find a dull pain that can disappear after several days or weeks of rest. However, other patients may experience the following symptoms:

  • Hip, groin, and leg pain, which can feel more intense during regular to strenuous activities
  • Pain during prolonged sitting or standing
  • Crepitus or the audible sound or feeling of your hip joints locking, clicking, grinding
  • Stiffness and limited range of motion when moving your hips or upper legs

If your pain doesn’t go away after six weeks, you may have a more moderate hip labral tear. Hip labral tears are more common in athletes, but they can also develop due to causes such as: 

  • Trauma – injuries like hip joint dislocation or a hip fracture can cause a hip labral tear
  • Repetitive motions – athletes are prone to hip labral tears because they exercise this joint frequently, but it can also affect people in certain occupations or those with active lifestyles
  • Structural conditions – some people may have genetic conditions and are born with a socket that doesn’t fully cover the ball of the upper thigh bone, which can put more stress on the labrum and cause it to wear faster. 

Effective Treatment Options for Hip Labral Tears at Metro Pain Centers

If you’re experiencing symptoms that last for longer than six weeks, schedule an appointment in our offices in New Jersey or New York. Our hip labral tear specialists can diagnose your condition using physical exams, x-rays, and other imaging tests like MRIs. 

We can provide you with a treatment plan customized to your lifestyle, the severity of your hip labral tear, and other factors that can determine how effective various treatments can be. This treatment is necessary to pause the degeneration of your cartilage, which can result in worse pain, and provide symptomatic relief. Some of the treatments we recommend can include: 

  • Medications – over-the-counter pain relievers (including NSAIDs, ibuprofen, acetaminophen, etc.), prescription pain medications, corticosteroids (oral or injection), lubrication injections.
  • Physical therapy and occupational therapy – exercises to improve the range of motion and strengthen muscles and joints.
  • Assistive devices – canes, walkers, and other assistive devices to ease the pressure off your hip when performing certain activities.
  • Lifestyle modifications – losing excess weight through a proper diet and regular exercise can ease the pressure on joints and reduce the pain.
  • Regenerative medicine – such as PRP therapy or stem cell therapy to regenerate soft tissue cells to restore your labrum’s condition. 
  • Sports medicine – for athletes, additional treatments can be provided to help improve your condition and allow you to return to high-intensity movement. 
  • Hip surgery – orthopedic surgery such as total hip replacement surgery and hip arthroscopy may be considered by an orthopedic doctor. However, surgical treatment like arthroscopic hip surgery is usually considered only if all other non-surgical methods are ineffective at managing your hip condition.

At Metro Pain Centers, our patients receive customized treatment plans tailored to their age, condition, lifestyle, and needs. Each plan uses tried and tested methods that can effectively help them manage their condition and minimize the effects it has on your body. 

Why You Need Treatment from Metro Pain Centers for Hip Labral Tears

If left untreated, your hip labral tear can get worse as the joint cartilage progressively deteriorates, which can cause your pain to intensify and make it more difficult to treat your symptoms. This can lead to hip osteoarthritis, which can cause more intense and frequent pain as your ball and socket don’t have a cushion to impact its movement. 

At Metro Pain Centers, we want to help our patients live their best lives with little to no hindrance from their condition. Our experienced staff of medical professionals provides effective customized treatment plans that allow you to manage the pain and adapt to your condition. Many of our patients have used this to maintain their ability to live independently and effectively.

FAQs About Hip Labral Tears

Q: Can hip labral tears be prevented?

A: Hip labral tears are common for athletes and those who practice active lifestyles. Proper stretching, strength and flexibility exercises, and resting your joints can prevent a major tear that can cause debilitating pain. 

Q: What’s the outlook for patients living with hip labral tears?

A: How long it takes for the hip labral tear to heal can depend on the severity of its condition and the steps you can take to fix the tear itself. Many people may experience minor tears and only need rest and minor pain relievers before their condition improves, while others may need longer treatment. Either way, it’s best to have your condition checked as soon as possible to prevent your condition from developing into osteoarthritis, which can have more serious symptoms. 

Q: How do you make treatment plans for patients with hip labral tears?

A: Our customized treatments are based on a number of factors, including your age, the severity of your condition, your lifestyle, and other factors that can trigger pain. We recommend conservative non-surgical therapies and exhaust all possible options before resorting to more invasive surgical procedures. If all non-surgical treatments are ineffective, we can refer you to an orthopedic surgeon to seek surgical options. 

Effective Treatment Plans for Hip Labral Tears Available at Metro Pain Centers

Hip pain can be debilitating and prevent you from performing the simplest everyday tasks or living your preferred lifestyle. To minimize the effects of your hip labral tear and prevent it from developing into a worse condition, it’s best to schedule an appointment and have your condition checked to receive a treatment plan customized to your condition.

At Metro Pain Centers, our facilities in New Jersey and New York can provide everything you need to manage your condition. Through this, you can adapt your lifestyle to minimize the frequency and intensity of your symptoms. Schedule an appointment with our hip labral tear specialists and pain management experts at Metro Pain Centers today. 

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