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Shoulder pain is a common condition that many people deal with every day, though very few bother to get themselves looked at by a professional. While this may work for many mild cases of shoulder pain, Metro Pain Centers understands that there are some situations where active medical intervention is needed to treat moderate to severe shoulder pain.

That’s why we work hard to bring effective, long-term, and safe treatments for our clients suffering from shoulder pain. Whether it’s because of acute injury, age, or other pre-existing conditions, we make sure that they receive the care that they need without compromising on the results or relief that they want to get. Shoulder pain can be a sign of something more serious, which is also why we put significant effort into developing our diagnosis and treatment options.

If you know someone who’s experiencing shoulder pain or if you’re dealing with the symptoms yourself, contact us today and set an appointment. Our board-certified medical experts and specialists are always on hand to help you get the information and services that you need.

Managing Shoulder Pain With Metro Pain Centers

The shoulder is one of the more complex parts of your body, as it’s surrounded by muscles, moves on a joint, and is close to many tissue groups. Any injury to the shoulder can result in significant pain, which can rapidly turn into neck pain, back pain, or even areas like the spinal cord. Because of this, any significant shoulder pain should always be brought to a medical professional immediately.

At Metro Pain Centers, we have extensive experience in the diagnosis of shoulder pain, getting right to the root cause of the condition, and tailoring out treatments around your specific circumstances. We don’t just give you pain medication and send you back home: we always prefer a proactive approach, making sure that your symptoms go away and the main cause of your shoulder pain is treated.

We also specialize in non-invasive methods of treating shoulder pain, like physical therapy or orthopedic solutions. While surgery can be an effective way to get rid of shoulder pain, it’s not always the best solution in every situation – and Metro Pain Centers has the expertise to know when conservative treatment will work just as well.

Why Choose Metro Pain Centers for Your Shoulder Pain Management

One of our core principles as a healthcare provider is to ensure that a patient always feels like they’re in good hands whenever they come to us. Metro Pain believes in a proactive strategy of treating shoulder pain since the quality of life is also important for our patients. For shoulder pain, that means a personalized treatment regimen for their specific medical concerns.

Here are some benefits you can get by consulting with us about your shoulder pain:

  • Access to other regenerative treatments: aside from physical therapy, we also offer other treatments like PRP therapy to help boost the effects of your primary care
  • Full support from our expert team: our specialists, doctors, and medical staff are highly trained and motivated to make sure that your treatments go successfully
  • Comprehensive treatment plans: we monitor you during and after your treatment sessions to make sure that you’re making good progress, and make adjustments when needed

Overall, Metro Pain is committed to helping you recover quickly without putting your body through additional strain.

FAQs About Shoulder Pain Treatment

Q: Can I treat my shoulder pain at home?

A: If your doctor has advised bed rest, at-home remedies, or over-the-counter medication, you can manage the symptoms of shoulder pain at home. However, you should always consult a medical professional before trying any medication on yourself, especially if your shoulder pain has been caused by an injury.

Q: What’s the outlook for people who have shoulder pain?

A: It largely depends on the severity of their injury, but most people who suffer from shoulder pain generally live normal lives with the right type of treatment.

Q: Are there ways for me to prevent shoulder pain?

A: Being careful with your body, staying physically active, and going to doctor’s appointments regularly can help decrease the risk of developing age-related shoulder pain, or at the very least allow you to avoid the more severe symptoms.

Safe and Effective Shoulder Pain Treatment With Metro Pain Centers

Metro Pain Centers works hard to provide the best medical solutions to shoulder pain for our patients. With the expertise of our medical staff, we diagnose and treat shoulder pain specifically for your needs, allowing us to give you the best possible care without compromising your safety or your comfort. Combined with other regenerative treatments, you’ll have the peace of mind that you need to progress with your treatment sessions.

You may consult Metro Pain Centers if you’re looking for help for shoulder pain, or want to know about factors that may put you at risk for developing the symptoms. Contact us now to set your appointment.

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