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Long-Term Solutions to Treat Cancer Pain with Metro Pain Centers

At Metro Pain Centers, our team is committed to providing the best service  to our patients with state-of-the-art facilities and advanced technology. We understand that for patients living with cancer in palliative care or undergoing treatment for cancer, there can be varying levels of chronic pain that can affect their quality of life. Metro Pain Centers provide you with a long-term treatment plan to help you minimize the pain and prevent it from drastically affecting your ability to function.

Around 1.9 million people in the United States are diagnosed with some type of cancer in 2021. Many cases of cancer, when detected and treated early, have a favorable prognosis. However, most treatments for cancer are known to cause chronic pain throughout the process. But thanks to modern science and the latest practices in pain management, it’s now possible to reduce pain from cancer treatments and give you the ability to perform everyday tasks.

If you experience severe pain while undergoing cancer treatments, contact the Metro Pain Centers near you. You can get in touch with a cancer pain specialist to provide you with a multifaceted treatment plan to reduce your cancer pain and give you the treatment you need.

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Understanding Cancer Pain

Many cancer patients experience varying levels of pain when living with or undergoing treatment for cancer. Some of the ways cancer can cause pain include:

  • A tumor pressing on nerves, bones, and organs
  • Spinal cord compression
  • Cancer spreading to the bones
  • Surgical pain
  • Phantom pain
  • Effects of chemotherapy

The intensity of cancer related pain stems from a number of factors depending on the kind of cancer you have, your pre-existing conditions, and your pain tolerance. Treatments, tests, and surgeries related to your cancer can also cause pain. In addition, people with more advanced stages of cancer are likely to experience more persistent pain.

Because the source of cancer pain can vary, not all pain management techniques can work for all patients. At Metro Pain Centers, our cancer pain specialists will determine what’s causing your pain and can provide an appropriate treatment plan targeted to the root cause.

Treating Cancer Pain

Depending on what’s causing your pain, one of our cancer pain specialists will recommend a number of ways to manage the pain at home or through regular physical therapy sessions in our facilities. Some of the ways to target your cancer pain include:

  • Medication – depending on the pain you experience, the medication you take can range from over-the-counter pain medication to prescription medicines and steroids that can treat pain. This can also include the use of opioid medication to manage your pain.
  • Injections – nerve-blocking injections can reduce the pain signals caused by cancer.
  • Therapy – this can include physical therapy and other alternatives like meditation, acupuncture, massages, and more.

Our specialist can determine a cancer pain management treatment plan that works for you so that cancer pain’s frequency and intensity can be minimized, allowing you the relief to perform everyday tasks without being hindered by chronic pain.

Why You Need a Cancer Pain Specialist

There are different types of cancers, and there is no one cure-all solution for treating cancer pain. On top of the different areas where cancer can develop, there’s also different types of treatments causing varying side effects. Aside from these, there’s also your tolerance level, and pre-existing conditions that can exacerbate cancer pain, among others. Pain from cancer treatment can sometimes be so severe that some patients halt cancer treatment because the pain can feel so severe that it can feel worse than the actual effects of cancer.

With pain management and an experienced cancer pain specialist, you can continue treatment while minimizing the pain you experience while undergoing treatment.

You’ll want a cancer pain specialist that understands all these factors, and knows how to best tackle your situation. With a personalized treatment plan to manage cancer pain, you can minimize the frequency and intensity of pain you experience. This lets you avoid debilitating episodes that prevent you from performing everyday activities while you seek treatment for your condition.

Preventing Cancer Pain

For cancer patients that experience chronic pain, our pain management techniques include preventive treatments that can stop you from experiencing episodes of pain throughout your cancer treatment period. At Metro Pain Centers, our team understands that the effect cancer pain has on your body can be debilitating and preventing you from performing everyday tasks on your own.

By taking preventive steps that can trigger or worsen cancer pain, you can try to continue with everyday tasks and hobbies you like doing. This can help you cope with your treatments. It’s best to schedule consultations with us to help you understand the cause of your cancer pain, how to live with it during your treatment, and how to manage severe or acute pain should you experience another episode of chronic pain.

FAQs About Cancer Pain

Q: Do I still need a cancer pain specialist if I’m in palliative care but not curative care?

A: Our cancer pain specialists manage the pain and other cancer symptoms that can affect your quality of life. If you experience pain even without curative care, you can still seek cancer pain treatment to minimize the pain and other symptoms that prevent you from living comfortably.

Q: How does a cancer pain specialist determine my treatment plan?

A: During your initial consultation, one of our specialists will ask a number of questions. This can include:

  • Your current cancer treatment
  • The severity of your pain
  • Where and what type of pain you have
  • What triggers the pain
  • What you’ve used in the past to treat the pain and whether or not it was effective

From there, your specialist can come up with a treatment plan designed to treat your condition in a way that’s specific to your needs.

Q: Why does cancer treatment cause pain?

A: Some types of treatment like surgery, chemotherapy, and other radiation therapy treatments can affect some normal and healthy cells while killing your cancer cells. But side effects like peripheral neuropathy, mouth sores, and other injuries caused by radiation or any sort of cancer treatment can be managed through an effective treatment plan.

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Manage Your Cancer Pain with Our Specialists from Metro Pain Centers

Cancer patients in severe pain no longer have to experience debilitating pain while undergoing cancer treatments. At Metro Pain Centers, our state-of-the-art facilities and experienced cancer pain specialists can help you manage symptoms that trigger your pain. By managing your pain through preventive measures and treatment, you can achieve long-term pain relief that can help you perform day-to-day tasks more comfortably while still receiving the cancer treatment you need.

At Metro Pain Centers, you can find the right pain management plan that works best for your condition. Contact Metro Pain Centers to book a consultation today.