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Located near Long Branch, NJ -- Metro Pain & Vein Centers has pain specialists who are exclusively focused on pain management and treating various diseases. Whenever you come to our office, you get a comprehensive treatment based on our training, experience, and understanding of pain relief.

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Metro Pain and Vein Centers - Pain management specialists near Long Branch, NJ

If you're experiencing any pain, visit our clinic near Long Branch, NJ. Our team can recommend several treatments for your chronic pain and answer any questions you have about your health. We offer injections, nerve blocks, and epidurals. We also treat chronic back pain and offer physical therapy to improve your strength and range of motion. If you suffer from pain, don't wait any longer.

Our clinic is just a short drive from Long Branch, NJ.

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Long Branch, NJ has several distinct neighborhoods and areas, including Branchport, East Long Branch, Elberon, Hollywood, Kensington Park, North Long Branch, Pleasure Bay and West End.

Types of Pain Treated at Metro Pain and Vein Centers

A patient experiences pain in three different ways: direct tissue injury, nerve injury, and mixed injury. Pain can also be sudden or long-term, caused by trauma or ongoing discomfort. Patients are treated differently depending on the types of pain they're experiencing.

Direct Tissue Injury Pain

A direct tissue injury is one where the tissue itself is injured, like muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Damaged tissue causes this type of pain. 

Nerve Injury Pain

Nerve injuries happen when the nerves get damaged or pinched, whereas mixed injuries are a combination of both direct tissue and nerve damage. 

Unlike direct tissue injury pain, which can be treated with bodywork and stretching, nerve injury pain can be difficult to treat.

Sudden Pain

We can also help with sudden pain problems. Acute pain, also known as sudden pain, occurs when the soft tissues of the body are suddenly damaged or infected. Infections, cancer, arthritis, and diabetes similarly trigger acute pain. We can figure out which treatment is best for you based on your body's response to pain.

A sudden pain is one that starts in a specific place. Hotspots start out small, but get worse when you bend, reach, sit, or stand for long periods of time. You might lose mobility or function over time if these symptoms get worse.

Talking to a Pain Doctor at Metro Pain and Vein Centers near Long Branch can help you understand pain conditions, how they're caused, and how to manage them.

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Start your long road to full recovery. Rediscover a pain-free you, with pain management specialists at Metro Pain & Vein Centers today.

Chronic Pain vs Acute Pain

We take chronic and acute pain very seriously here at Metro Pain and Vein Centers. Whether you have chronic pain or acute pain, you need thoughtful, personalized treatment.

Chronic Pain

Chronic pain lasts longer than three months. We treat chronic pain by recommending lifestyle changes, exercise, physical therapy, and medications. 

Acute Pain

In general, acute pain doesn't last more than three months. Sometimes it's a symptom of something worse, such as cancer or an infection. Our specialists will figure out what's causing your pain and give you a plan of attack.

We'll assess your needs and find the most effective, safe, and minimally invasive treatment for you.

Our top priority is treating patients and providing high-quality care. You'll get effective, affordable, and convenient treatment from us. You're always our first priority, and we'll do our best to make sure you get the care you need when you need it. Schedule an appointment now. We're ready to help!

What to Expect at Metro Pain and Vein Centers

We combine medication-based treatments and procedures to manage chronic and acute pain. Let's work out what's right for you based on what you want, what you expect, and what you need.

Our first goal is to find and treat the underlying cause of pain, not just the symptoms. We don't want to just medicate the pain, we want to stop it at its source.

Most of the time, you can go home the next day.

At Our Clinic near Long Branch, NJ - We Want to Establish the Right Diagnosis

We want to make sure we get an accurate diagnosis. It'll tell us what treatment to do. We'll make a multidisciplinary treatment plan after that. For the best treatment, our doctors work with multiple specialists and providers.

Your treatment may include:

  1. Taking medication.
  2. Injections.
  3. Injecting trigger points.
  4. Physical therapy.
  5. Physical therapy and exercise.
  6. Changes in diet.
  7. Hormonal therapy.
  8. Biofeedback.
Leave Your Pain Behind Today

Pain doesn't have to be a part of your life. Leave your pain behind with pain management experts at Metro Pain & Vein Centers.


Why Choose Metro Pain And Vein Centers?

Firstly, there's a good chance we know something about your kind of pain. Our team of doctors will take care of you if you need it.

Last but not least, Metro Pain And Vein Centers also cares about your mental health. It's no secret that chronic pain can affect your life and your relationships with others. Because of that, we want to help you turn your life around.

Because we're board-certified in treating lots of different kinds of pain, you can trust us to get the job done. Our team will make you feel comfortable. We'll monitor your progress to make sure the treatment works.

Conditions We Treat

People can suffer from chronic pain in different ways. A few common kinds of pain we deal with are: 

  1. Osteoarthritis - This is joint pain that usually affects older people. Pain can be managed with rest and medicine.
  2. Headaches - Though they rarely last all day, they sure seem endless sometimes. Our team at Metro Pain and Vein Centers knows how frustrating it can be, which is why we offer a number of treatments that can help.
  3. Pain in the joints and muscles - Often caused by injury or lack of movement, chronic pain can be hard to live with and may make you immobile. We offer a range of treatments to help.
  4. Sciatica - A condition that causes excruciating leg pain, sciatica can be caused by so many things. We've got lots of treatments, like pills and injections.
  5. Pain in the neck - There are several types of arthritis that can cause neck pain.
  6. Chronic or acute inflammation of the muscles or tendons around your spine can cause back pain. To help you with your back pain, our medical team will work with you.
  7. When a nerve gets compressed or trapped, usually in the neck or spine, it's called a pinched nerve. This kind of pain can last weeks or months and is extremely painful.
  8. Fibromyalgia - also called chronic fatigue syndrome, this is a chronic pain condition characterized by tender muscles. There are a lot of ways to help, including biofeedback, exercise, and medication.
  9.  Disc Degeneration - caused by years of wear and tear, disc degeneration affects people of any age. Long-term treatment focuses on inflammation and pain control.  We tailor our long-term treatment plan to your age, medical history, and lifestyle.

We can also help with obesity, anxiety, depression and stress, which are all factors of poor health that lead to chronic illnesses.

To restore health and improve vitality, we'll use minimally invasive, evidence-based treatments first. Traditional pharmaceuticals are more invasive with more side effects than holistic treatments.

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Metro Pain and Vein Centers near Long Branch, NJ, can help you if you suffer from chronic pain or acute pain. We're here to help.

We offer the following services near Long Branch, NJ

At Metro Pain and Vein Centers, we help patients alleviate pain using different approaches like interventional pain management, physical medicine, counseling and psychological support, pain medications, and more.

We offer personalized treatments to patients who experience:

Conditions We Treat

Our expert team at Metro Pain and Vein Centers has years of experience in helping patients relieve pain and other symptoms caused by different neurological, muscular, or skeletal conditions. We are always looking for the most effective procedures using our knowledge in pain management, sports medicine, osteopathy, and anesthesiology.

We make sure to provide personalized care and treatment for patients who suffer from: