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Effective Migraine Treatments And Headache Prevention With Metro Pain Centers

While it’s easy to confuse a headache with a migraine, some distinct differences make migraines significantly harder to treat and manage compared to headache disorders. 

At Metro Pain Centers, we always make sure that our patients experiencing migraine get an accurate diagnosis on the cause, expert help for their treatment, and long-term solutions to help any migraine sufferer.

By personalizing migraine treatments, we ensure that when you come to us for treatment, you get the results and the relief that you need. We use the latest medical advancements and equipment to ensure comfort, safety, and results during your treatment sessions, and combine them with other pain management methods to treat head pain, reduce migraine symptoms, and lessen headache frequency.

If you’ve experienced headache pain or a migraine attack recently, contact us today for a consultation. Our team of certified medical experts and migraine specialists is always ready to assist you when you need them.

Get Reliable Migraine Diagnosis And Effective Treatment 

A migraine is a particularly severe headache characterized by a pounding, throbbing, or pulsating sensation around the forehead. It can also affect or spread to other sides of the head, or shift from one side to another. Migraines usually last anywhere from a few minutes up to a few hours, and can be accompanied by the following symptoms:

  • Numbness or sensitivity in the face
  • Difficulty speaking
  • Nausea, vomiting, light-headedness
  • Increased sensitivity to external stimuli like lights and sounds

Migraines can happen to anyone regardless of their age, though it often occurs in women more than men. The condition can also be genetic, so if one close family member experiences migraines, you can also be at risk for developing them.

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Long-Term Solutions For Acute And Chronic Migraine At Metro Pain Centers

Given that the exact cause of migraines can vary from person to person, there’s no universal way that medical experts default to when treating migraines. Most of the time, migraine treatment will revolve around reducing the symptoms and the frequency with which you experience migraines.

At Metro Pain Centers, we believe in using preventive medications and methods to mitigate migraine pain and symptoms of migraines before they occur. We also promote wellness treatments and other lifestyle changes which can also reduce your migraine triggers.

FAQs About Migraine Treatment

Q: Are headaches and migraines the same thing?

A: A headache specialist or neurologist can determine if you’re actually suffering from a migraine or a headache. Since headaches can share many of the symptoms of migraines, a visit to the headache clinic can help identify the cause of your headache and recommend proper treatment.

Q: What is the prognosis for people who go through migraine treatment?

A: Once the underlying cause for migraines is identified and treatment begins, most patients respond favorably to the treatments and enjoy short and long-term relief from the pain and symptoms of migraines. If you feel that your results are lacking, you can always consult a specialist to get better options.

Q: Can migraines be treated at home?

A: While at-home remedies for migraines exist, most experts recommend getting yourself examined by a medical professional before trying any of them. Because of the different causes and treatments that can work on headaches, at-home remedies will not always be effective to treat your specific migraine.

Long-Term Migraine Treatment And Headache Medicine At Metro Pain Centers

At Metro Pain Centers, we understand that a migraine is more than just a severe headache. Given the variety of conditions and causes that can result in a migraine, we only use the latest medical advancements and equipment to ensure that you get a proper diagnosis for migraine relief. Aside from prioritizing results, our migraine treatments also take the patient’s comfort in mind, ensuring a safe, comfortable, and effective treatment session.

You can contact any of our migraine specialists at Metro Pain Centers if you’re experiencing chronic migraines, have a question about migraine treatments at home, or need help with other types of chronic and acute pain. For more information about us and our services, contact us today.

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