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A knee injury can vary a lot in severity depending on the age of the person, the circumstances of the injury, and the state of their body. While some people only get a mild bruise and some discomfort, others may experience something more serious like a meniscal tear. It's a condition that's more common than people might think, which is why Metro Pain Centers has an extensive suite of services to help you heal from a torn meniscus.

Metro Pain Centers works hard to ensure that our patients only get the best and latest procedures and treatments in sports medicine. Our highly-experienced pain management team gives you access to regenerative therapies and creates a personalized treatment plan that can quickly put you on the road to recovery.

If you've recently experienced meniscus tearing or need help with a knee injury, contact us today to book a consultation. Our medical staff and meniscus tear specialists are ready to address all your needs and concerns.

How Metro Pain Centers Helps Treat Meniscus Injuries

Meniscus injuries are usually painful and debilitating, though the exact effects can vary depending on how serious the cause is. For most people, a meniscus tear can be treated with bed rest, medicine, and physical therapy - but for patients who've experienced a drastic injury, an accident while playing sports, or unintentional trauma to the knee, more intensive medical attention might be required.

This is why the Metro Pain Centers follows a proactive approach when it comes to managing a meniscus tear, ensuring relief from your symptoms while helping treat the cause. We don't stop at merely treating your injury: we actively make sure that your quality of life doesn't drop during your recovery.

We prioritize non-invasive procedures over surgical treatments. While surgery may be needed in cases of severe injury, we strongly believe in using options that take less effort and downtime, especially if they're available. Combined with our other regenerative treatments, we can help you heal from a torn meniscus without taxing your body too much.

Why Go to Metro Pain Centers forYour Meniscus Tear

A meniscus tear specialist is often already experienced in other fields like sports medicine and primary care, which ensures the accuracy of the diagnosis and treatment of your meniscal injury. This multidisciplinary approach is a standard with all our medical staff at Metro Pain Centers, helping us provide an effective treatment regimen for your injury.

Other benefits of getting your treatment with us include:

  • Access to other treatment options: PRP injections and wellness checks can help improve results from your primary treatment
  • Complete oversight during treatment: we make sure to keep tabs on your progress as your body recovers, making sure you heal completely
  • Full support from our medical team: our staff is always ready and willing to address any concerns you may have about your condition or your treatment

FAQs About Meniscus Tear Treatment

Q: Can I manage meniscus tears at home?

A: The only time you can apply at-home remedies to a meniscus tear is if you've been cleared to do so by your doctor. Otherwise, you should always get your treatment done in-clinic.

Q: What's the outlook for people who have a meniscus tear?

A: Sufficient treatment of a meniscal tear is usually enough to help the patient regain their normal faculties after the injury has healed.

Q: Can I avoid getting meniscus tears?

A: Because most meniscus tears happen by accident, it's impossible to prevent them from happening. However, you can take certain precautions about your body and your daily activities to lower your risk of getting an injury.

Trust Metro Pain Centers To Help You Manage A Meniscus Tear

Meniscus repair is only possible with thorough and guided treatment or the meniscal tear will never heal properly. Metro Pain Centers understands the unique demands of a patient with this condition, which is why we tailor our treatments for long-term improvements combined with short-term pain relief. With our expertise in both conservative and intensive treatments, you can rely on good results from your procedure.

You may contact Metro Pain Centers if you've experienced a meniscal tear, or need treatments for an ACL tear, cuff tear, and other issues with your cartilage. Call us now to book your appointment today.

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