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Metro Pain Centers works hard to ensure that our clients can rely on us for the immediate and long-term healthcare they may need for an injury like a slipped disc. Whether it’s caused by age, active injury, or other factors, we make sure that your treatment is suited for your specific herniated disc, with non-invasive procedures that can give you comparable results to surgery.

We’re fully equipped with the latest laboratory equipment, diagnostic tools, and other advancements in medical science to help you manage the symptoms of slipped discs and speed up your recovery. With our team of experts and other specialists, your herniated disc doctor will have all the necessities at their disposal to provide you with quality care.

If you’ve recently been diagnosed with a slipped disc or need information about how to avoid getting slipped discs, contact us today to book your consultation. We’re always ready to help you get the care and information that you need whenever you need it.

How Herniated Discs Are Diagnosed And Treated At Metro Pain Centers

A slipped disc can easily be confused with other spinal injuries, or in some cases not be diagnosed at all. Since some people get slipped discs without showing any symptoms or discomfort, it’s crucial that you monitor yourself closely after an accident that could lead to a slipped disc, and have a place to consult to make sure that you aren’t at risk of developing symptoms.

Metro Pain Centers can help diagnose any herniated discs you may have since we use laboratory equipment like X-rays, CT scans, and MRI tests to accurately determine the status of your spine. Aside from the physical exam, we also monitor you after your consultation to make sure that any delayed symptoms are caught and treated on time. Combined with the rest of our regenerative treatments, we make sure to offer you the best solutions for a herniated disc, regardless of its severity.

For the actual treatment of your slipped disc, Metro Pain Centers will usually angle towards non-invasive, conservative treatments that offer effective long-term relief. Surgical treatments will also be considered depending on the severity of your injury, but we’re careful not to jump to it as the primary option. Because surgery can be extremely time-consuming and puts a lot of strain on the patient’s body, we only use it when other treatments aren’t working as well for the patient.

Why Consult A Herniated Disc Doctor At Metro Pain Centers

A herniated disc doctor has all the training and qualifications necessary to recommend the best method of treatment for your slipped disc, which factors in concerns like lifestyle, the severity of the injury, and your tolerance for the treatment method. At Metro Pain Centers, we don’t believe in simply letting the medicine do all the work: we take a proactive role to make sure you recover quickly.

Some of the benefits you can enjoy when consulting with us include:

  • Expert medical knowledge from a variety of fields: aside from herniated discs, our specialists have extensive knowledge of other complications and disorders that can involve your spine, and help you avoid them
  • Access to the latest tools and treatments: our commitment to making medical care more effective and accessible allows us to combine your usual treatment with other regenerative therapies like PRP treatment
  • Full support of our medical staff: our trained experts are accompanied by nurses and assistants, which will also work to make sure that you receive the care that you need
  • Option to go for other treatments: we also offer regenerative therapies like platelet-rich plasma treatments which can help you further improve the results from conventional treatment
  • Constant monitoring during the treatment process: we take a proactive approach to checking up on your progress during treatments, ensuring that your progress is steady until your symptoms have healed. We value the comfort of our patients as much as their results, ensuring that you have a pleasant experience with us every time you come in for treatment.

FAQs About Herniated Disc Treatment

Q: Can I treat a slipped disc at home?

A: While bed rest is highly recommended for some cases of herniated discs, we don’t encourage you to rely on it as your only method of treatment. This is especially crucial if you’re an older patient since you need to make certain adjustments to your lifestyle to make sure that you don’t increase your risk of getting a herniated disc. As much as possible, get primary medical treatment from a doctor or a specialist, then ask them about ways you can manage your own symptoms at home.

Q: What’s the outlook on people who suffer from slipped discs?

A: This largely depends on how severe your injuries are. People who get a herniated disc because of physical activity, accidents, or other acute causes generally recover when their injury has been treated and their physical therapy is complete. But for patients who get herniated discs due to age, they’ll need more consistent and long-term medical treatment to make sure that they reduce the likelihood that they’ll get slipped discs. It’s still possible for older patients to live normal lives after getting treatment.

Q: Can I avoid getting slipped discs?

A: Preventing slipped discs can be possible if you’re careful about how you do your daily activities, especially if they involve a lot of lifting. Keeping yourself actively fit will help your body become more durable and better able to resist situations that would usually end in getting a herniated disc. However, you should keep in mind that slipped discs can become more of a risk as you get older since your body won’t be as resilient as it used to be.

Trust Metro Pain Centers To Treat Your Herniated Disc

A slipped disc can be a serious condition that can quickly escalate into a life-threatening situation that can lead to loss of motor function, nerve damage, or loss of bladder control. Metro Pain Centers can help you manage the symptoms of a herniated disk with conservative treatments that offer effective, long-term results. By combining our treatments with other regenerative procedures like PRP therapy, we can drastically improve your outcome after suffering a slipped disc.

You can contact Metro Pain Centers if you’ve recently suffered an injury that’s resulted in a slipped disc, or if you need to know more on how to treat slipped discs at home. Call us to book your appointment today.

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