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Consult a Cervical Herniated Discs Specialist For Herniated Spinal Discs

At Metro Pain Centers, we always work hard to ensure that each of our patients receives the proper care and medical attention they need when recovering from a herniated disc. We understand herniated discs can significantly lower your quality of life, which is why you need a healthcare provider that will put your needs and your results first, allowing you to recover from your herniation in relative safety and comfort.

Metro Pain Centers performs all of our treatments for herniated discs with the latest tools and equipment for accurate diagnosis of the severity of your condition. A slipped disc can cause significant damage to your quality of life if left untreated or treated improperly, which is why we put a lot of effort into our diagnosis and treatment options.

If you’ve recently experienced a slipped disc or are looking for long-term solutions for pain relief for your injury, contact us today and set up an appointment. Our orthopedic surgeon can provide you with a personalized recovery routine that can have you stretching and moving again in no time.

Managing The Symptoms Of A Slipped Disc With Metro Pain Centers

The effects of a slipped disc are rarely limited to the area around the injury. While neck pain is the one of the most common herniated disc symptoms, it's not the only one that you can experience. 

Since it’s attached to your spinal column, it’s entirely possible to experience symptoms like leg pain, numbness, muscle weakness, or sensitivity around the rest of your body, especially your arms and legs.

In most cases, medication and bed rest are enough for resolving these symptoms. But for herniation caused by old age, treatment needs to be more extensive and palliative. Metro Pain Centers has extensive experience in methods that can help reduce the severity of your symptoms, like:

  • Epidural steroid injections - an injection of cortisone around the nerve which surrounds your vertebrae can reduce the swelling and relieve pressure on your spinal nerves
  • Physical therapy - through specific exercises targeting your center of mass like the abdomen and lower back, you can strengthen these areas so they can hold up the weight of your spine better
  • Pain medications - NSAIDs or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications can also help with relieving symptoms like severe pain, though they should only be taken at the advice of your doctor

Preventive Treatment For Herniated Disc Pain

Injury or strenuous activity isn’t the only possible cause of a herniated disc. As you get older, your body becomes more fragile and prone to herniation and other similar injuries. Metro Pain Centers can help reduce the likelihood you’ll experience a herniated disc by offering wellness treatments and other lifestyle modifications.

By using physical examinations, imaging tests, and other laboratory procedures, we can help you manage a herniated disc before it gets worse, which can be especially useful for slipped discs that don’t show any initial symptoms.

However, there are some cases where herniation just happens even if you’re being careful. For these situations, Metro Pain Centers is ready to provide non surgical and surgical treatments if necessary.

FAQs About Cervical Herniated Disc Treatment

Q: Can I manage a herniated disc at home?

A: Treatments like hot and cold therapy, acupuncture, and massages have shown limited success in helping patients manage the symptoms of a slipped disc. While they can be effective, the important thing to remember is that they only help alleviate the symptoms - they don’t do much to help you recover from a cervical herniated disc. In-clinic treatments are still your best option for a speedy recovery.

Q: What’s the outlook like for people who get a herniated disc?

A: When a slipped disc is caught and treated early, people who experience it generally go on to lead normal lives after their treatment is over. Older patients may have to make some adjustments to their physical routine to avoid getting a herniated disc, but the effect on their quality of life isn’t too noticeable.

Q: If my herniated disc doesn’t hurt, can I ignore it?

A: Just because your slipped disc isn’t hurting right now, doesn’t mean that it won’t eventually hurt in the future. The inflammation around your vertebrae can reach a point where it starts to press on the nerves on your spinal cord - or worse, cause nerve damage. If you get a slipped disc, you should absolutely have yourself examined by a medical professional, symptoms or otherwise.

Effective And Long-Term Herniated Disc Pain Management At Metro Pain Centers

Metro Pain Centers is committed to providing its patients with the best that medical science has to offer when dealing with a herniated disc. Under the expert supervision of our medical staff, we offer immediate and lasting pain relief for patients with a herniated disc without the need for surgical treatment. We make sure to prioritize their safety and their comfort during every treatment session, balancing the need for results with their well-being during each procedure.

You may consult Metro Pain Centers if you’re looking for a comprehensive treatment regimen for your herniated disk, or if you need help with other similar spinal disorders like spinal stenosis. Contact us now to set your appointment.

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