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Use Medical Marijuana for Your Pain Management with Metro Pain Centers

Metro Pain Centers use a number of traditional, alternative, and modern methods to treat pain. As more research is done on marijuana, more medical professionals are beginning to see its medical benefits for patients with chronic pain. This makes medical marijuana a good option for patients who want a natural alternative to treat mild to acute chronic pain.

Many patients with injuries and medical conditions use marijuana to control and manage pain. However, before you’re granted a medical marijuana license and consume it legally, you’ll need to undergo a comprehensive exam and see if your condition qualifies for it. At Metro Pain, we can help you with the process of obtaining a license to use medical marijuana and check on you regularly to ensure its effectiveness.

If you’re considering medical marijuana to help manage your pain, contact Metro Pain Centers today to talk to a medical marijuana specialist. We can schedule a consultation to see if marijuana is the best method to treat your pain and discomfort.

Understanding Medical Marijuana

Marijuana (cannabis) has been used for medical purposes for thousands of years. Its effectiveness in managing pain lies in two substances found in marijuana: delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). When you consume medical cannabis products, THC and CBD affects the receptors in your brain responsible for triggering pain and inflammation.

Researchers are still studying the full effects marijuana can have on your body. Currently, it’s known to be effective in treating chronic pain, muscle spasms, sleep issues, and many other chronic symptoms that can affect your everyday life.

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Medical Marijuana Treatment

At Metro Pain Centers, our team of doctors, pain specialists, and other medical professionals can develop an effective pain management treatment plan customized to your condition. We can determine if medical marijuana can be beneficial to your treatment or if there are alternatives that can better target your pain triggers.

If you qualify as a medical marijuana candidate, we can help you obtain a medical card that can legally allow you to use medical marijuana depending on state laws. On top of your medical marijuana use, your treatment plan can also include other ways to manage your pain effectively, including other pain relief medicines, physical therapy, and lifestyle changes.

Why You Need a Medical Marijuana Doctor

Medical marijuana is legal in New Jersey and New York, but it’s still considered a Schedule I. This means doctors cannot prescribe it like they would with regular prescription medicine. Your doctor has to determine that your condition qualifies you to use medical marijuana. Once our specialists determine that your condition can benefit from medical marijuana, we can provide you with the necessary paperwork to obtain a medical marijuana license from your state.

At Metro Pain Centers, we understand the benefits of a multidisciplinary approach towards managing pain – including the use of medical marijuana. If our doctors determine you need it and you’re approved of your license, you can visit a state-approved dispensary for your medication. Our team checks in regularly and performs routine assessments on qualifying patients based on state requirements to ensure your usage of medical marijuana is helping you manage your symptoms.

FAQs About Medical Marijuana

Q: Who are candidates for medical marijuana?

A: This can vary between states, so you need to request an evaluation with Metro Pain Centers before our team can determine if you are qualified. After one of our specialists determines you qualify for its use, we can help you obtain a medical marijuana license. People who are likely to obtain a medical marijuana card are those who have a qualifying condition, including those who:

  • Experience acute chronic pain due to a medical condition (medical marijuana may not be effective for those with severe chronic pain)
  • Are in a state of good health to manage the potential side effects of medical marijuana
  • Have a low risk of developing heart disease
  • Have uncontrollable muscle spasms

Q: What’s the prognosis for patients who take medical marijuana?

A: Medical marijuana is not a cure in itself. However, it can help you relieve pain and other uncomfortable symptoms whether you’re seeking treatment for your condition or adjusting to living with your condition.

Q: What’s the process of getting medical marijuana?

A: Medical marijuana laws vary in New York and New Jersey. But in general, you will first need to undergo a comprehensive exam with our medical marijuana doctor and pain management specialists. This exam will be used to determine if your condition qualifies you to use marijuana under your state’s laws. If a physician deems you qualified, we will provide you the paperwork needed for you to get a medical marijuana card.

After you receive your medical marijuana card, you can get your medical marijuana from a state-approved dispensary. As per your state requirements, our medical pain specialists will need to check-in regularly for routine assessments.

Visit Metro Pain Centers to Determine If Medical Marijuana Is Right for You

There’s still more research needed to be done to determine medical marijuana’s effectiveness. But for patients who want to manage their pain through natural means, medical marijuana may be a potentially beneficial solution for your condition.

At Metro Pain Centers, we can help determine if medical marijuana can be a helpful part of your treatment plan. If we find that you qualify to take medical marijuana, we can help you through the process of obtaining a medical marijuana license and help you manage your symptoms as you adjust. To see if you’re a suitable candidate for medical marijuana, contact us today for an initial consultation.

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