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Get Scoliosis Treatment and Physical Therapy for Back Pain Without the Need for Surgery

Metro Pain Centers works hard to provide our patients with long-term, safe, and effective relief for chronic conditions like scoliosis. As a spine condition, we make sure that the care that you receive is appropriate to the severity of your scoliosis, with an emphasis on proactive treatment methods that prevent the symptoms from becoming more severe while also treating the underlying cause. 

We have the latest equipment and treatments needed to help diagnose and manage the symptoms of scoliosis while using non-invasive treatments that can speed up your recovery without straining your body. With the help of our scoliosis doctor and other spine specialists, we’re able to provide you with a positive outlook on your scoliosis, no matter the severity or cause.

If you’ve been recently diagnosed with scoliosis and want to seek treatment, contact us today to book your consultation. Our medical team is always ready and willing to assist you in whatever concerns you may have or provide you the information or treatment that you need.

Pain Relief From Scoliosis With Metro Pain Centers

Scoliosis is a lifelong condition that needs consistent treatment to manage properly, especially for younger and older patients that may have difficulty with dealing with the chronic pain that comes with the condition. There’s even the possibility that you may already have it but show no symptoms, which means that detection and diagnosis are even more crucial to heading off any serious symptoms before they appear.

Metro Pain Centers understands the need for rapid and accurate diagnosis when it comes to the management of scoliosis symptoms. This is why we use a comprehensive laboratory testing routine to determine the cause and severity of your scoliosis, including diagnostic treatments like a CT scan, X-ray, and MRI for younger patients. Combined with the rest of our regenerative therapies and treatments, we can help you get started on your treatments sooner for quicker relief.

Aside from treating the symptoms of scoliosis, we also help improve your quality of life by directly addressing its cause. Given the wide variety of causes that can manifest in scoliosis, we’ve developed a tried-and-tested methodology of personalized treatment, making sure that the solutions you get for your scoliosis are long-term. We don’t stop at merely giving you medicine for your pain – we make sure that your quality of life also sees significant improvement.

Why Get Treatment For Your Scoliosis Symptoms At Metro Pain Centers

A primary care physician can help relieve the symptoms of scoliosis, but it takes a specialist like a scoliosis doctor for long-term and effective treatments that can address scoliosis itself. At Metro Pain Centers, our medical staff are experienced and well-trained in dealing with the special needs that scoliosis patients may require, regardless of the severity of their condition or their age. We are well-suited to recommend and put you on a customized treatment plan.

Other benefits of getting your scoliosis treated with us are:

  • Extensive oversight of your condition: as a chronic condition, we monitor the status of your scoliosis over time, even after your initial treatments are complete
  • Full support of an experienced medical team: our specialists and doctors are well-trained in the different treatments and procedures needed to manage your scoliosis, from treating your symptoms to addressing the cause
  • Helpful medical staff: additionally, our primary care physicians are always accompanied by nurses and other medical practitioners who can address your needs and ensure you always feel taken care of during your treatment sessions
  • Access to a wide variety of treatments: we use medication, physical therapy, and orthopedics to ensure that you experience an overall improvement in your condition, no matter how severe it is
  • Options for other treatments: you may also avail of our other regenerative therapies and wellness treatments like PRP therapy for further improvements on your primary methods of care

Scoliosis can be a difficult condition to manage on your own, which is why Metro Pain Centers looks to eliminate the need for self-care and treatment by working closely with our patients. Our goal isn’t just to provide pain relief, but to improve their overall quality of life even with scoliosis.

FAQs About Scoliosis Treatment

Q: Can I treat scoliosis at home?

A: There are some physical therapies and medications that you can use outside of your in-clinic sessions to help mitigate the symptoms of your scoliosis. However, keep in mind that these treatments should never be done without the approval of your doctor or a medical professional, and they should never be your primary method for managing scoliosis.

Q: What’s the outlook of scoliosis patients?

A: Early detection and treatment are some of the most effective ways to manage scoliosis and its symptoms. However, even patients with advanced scoliosis can also get pain relief and significant improvements with more intensive treatments, though this will depend on the cause of their scoliosis.

Q: Can I cure scoliosis?

A: Scoliosis is a progressive condition, which means that true “treatment” or cure isn’t possible. The only way to manage scoliosis is to ease the symptoms via medication or physical therapy. As for practices that can prevent or delay the onset of scoliosis, it’s recommended that you maintain good posture and regularly go for checkups. If you’re concerned about any risks, consult your primary care physician.

Trust Metro Pain Centers for Pain Relief From Scoliosis

While it's a lifelong condition that has no definite cure, scoliosis is manageable with early detection and treatment. Metro Pain Centers helps our patients experience safe and effective pain relief from scoliosis symptoms and provides primary treatment to the cause to make sure that the symptoms don't escalate. We pride ourselves on providing non-invasive treatments that have results comparable to orthopedic surgery, with the same long-term effects and benefits.

You can contact Metro Pain Centers today if you're experiencing scoliosis symptoms or need pain relief with your back and spine. Call us now to book your appointment today.

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