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Custom Pain Management Plans from Metro Pain Centers

Metro Pain Centers provides custom pain management plans for patients undergoing treatment for conditions or those living with conditions triggering chronic pain. Each comprehensive treatment plan is designed to meet each patient’s condition and provide effective pain relief. By achieving this, our patients can minimize the effect their condition has on their quality of life, allowing them to live to the fullest without being hindered by pain or any other symptoms. 

For many people with certain conditions, chronic pain can be debilitating and affect their lifestyle. This can affect their ability to perform everyday tasks or prevent them from pursuing their interests. With interventional pain management, our patients can receive a comprehensive treatment plan designed to manage their pain without heavily relying on pain medication. 

If you are experiencing frequent painful episodes that hinder your regular activities, contact Metro Pain Centers to schedule a consultation with our pain management experts. We can develop a treatment plan that works for you and help you return to your everyday activities with minimal effect on your lifestyle. 

What Is Interventional Pain Management? 

Interventional pain management is a treatment plan given to patients who have tried pain medicine and conservative treatment methods like physical therapy for their chronic pain with little to no success. It uses alternative pain-blocking techniques to minimize the pain intensity patients normally feel when their condition is triggered. The goal is to reduce or manage the pain in such a way that their condition minimally affects their quality of life.

Interventional pain management uses non-invasive or minimally invasive pain management treatments. Your custom treatment plan will be based on your condition, symptoms, and other factors that can affect each option’s effectiveness. Surgery may be an option for interventional pain management, but this is usually a last resort when all other non-surgical options weren’t effective in helping a patient manage their pain. 

Interventional Pain Management Treatments Available at Metro Pain Centers

Your interventional pain management treatment will consist of multidisciplinary pain management solutions. Factors like your condition, the severity of the pain you experience, your lifestyle, and other criteria can help determine which treatments are most likely to work for you. Some of the treatments that we can provide at Metro Pain Centers include:

  • Nerve block – minimally-invasive nerve blocks that interrupt nerve signals that trigger your brain’s response to produce pain. 
  • Injections – corticosteroids, steroid injections, platelet-rich plasma (PRP therapy), and other injections that can target different sources of pain. 
  • Infusion treatments – a form of interventional pain medicine, it involves a continuous injection that delivers pain-relieving drugs directly into the bloodstream.
  • Radiofrequency ablation – using heat energy created by radio waves to heat nerve tissue and minimize the pain signals sent to the affected nerve tissue. 
  • Spinal cord stimulation – a minimally-invasive procedure used to send gentle electrical currents to the spinal column and block the brain’s ability to perceive and translate pain signals. 
  • Peripheral nerve field stimulation – similar to spinal cord stimulation, but it directly targets the nerves on the source of pain from perceiving pain signals, rather than the entire brain and spinal cord itself. 

Why You Need Interventional Pain Services from Metro Pain Centers

For many patients with chronic illnesses or medical conditions that cause recurring pain, the pain can be debilitating to the point that patients are unable to perform everyday tasks or lose the drive to engage in their interests or hobbies. While over-the-counter pain relievers and prescription medication can help, these alone may not be a totally effective treatment option for chronic pain. 

At Metro Pain Centers, our specialists can minimize the pain a patient experiences from their condition. This can restore your quality of life and make it easier for you to live your best life with minimal assistance. 

Our patients that seek our pain management services receive a customized plan from an experienced interventional pain management specialist that can help them manage their symptoms. Most go on to live fulfilling lives without the need for surgical procedures to manage their condition.

FAQs About Interventional Pain Management

Q: What can you expect from receiving interventional pain management?

A: After scheduling an appointment with a pain specialist, you’ll undergo an interview and physical exam to understand the extent and severity of your condition. We’ll also ask about other treatments and medications you’ve used to manage your symptoms. Our pain management physicians will also perform diagnostic tests and further review on your condition. From there, we can design a comprehensive interventional pain program. 

Q: What’s the outlook for those receiving interventional pain management?

A: For most of our patients, our interventional pain management plans are enough to manage their symptoms and minimize the effects of their condition on their everyday life. While our plans use effective methods, no treatment plan can be totally successful without the full participation of our patients to ensure a successful outcome. 

Q: What surgical pain management options are available to me?

A: A few of our patients resort to invasive surgical procedures when all other non-surgical treatment plans have been exhausted. For patients where non-invasive and minimally-invasive procedures aren’t successful, surgery may be an option. Some surgical procedures can include long-term nerve blocks, rhizotomies, nucleoplasty, and more.  

Live Your Best Pain-Free Life with Metro Pain Centers

Your chronic pain conditions don’t have to stop you from functioning normally and living your best life. With the right treatment plan, you can manage your symptoms, avoid debilitating pain, and minimize the effects your condition has on your life. 

At Metro Pain Centers, we have the staff, facilities, and equipment to provide you with the best care for your condition. Schedule an appointment with any of our locations in New Jersey and New York to learn more about our interventional pain management plans. 

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