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Consult A Neck Arthritis Specialist For Your Neck Pain And Relieve Symptoms At Metro Pain Centers

Metro Pain Centers is committed to providing our patients with long-term solutions to chronic conditions, no matter how serious or mild they may be. This is why our medical team includes neck arthritis specialists that can accurately diagnose, treat, and oversee your condition, and the equipment necessary to help provide you with the care that you need. We believe in prioritizing a patient’s comfort as well as their treatment and strive to deliver results that are nothing less than you asked for.

Neck arthritis (or cervical spondylosis) treatments are a long-term commitment that needs professional oversight and expert treatment to manage properly. Because the symptoms can vary from patient to patient, any treatments used should take into account their exact circumstances for better results. With the variety of treatments that Metro Pain Centers has access to, you have a lot of options on how to deal with neck arthritis better.

If you’re wondering about your risk of developing neck arthritis or are already suffering from the symptoms, contact us today to book your consultation and explore your treatment options. We’re always ready to help you.

How Metro Pain Centers Deals With Neck Arthritis

Neck arthritis is one of the many types of degenerative disorders that your body experiences as it gets older. Because the bones in your neck are more prone to wear and tear compared to other parts of your body, the risk of developing joint stiffness, inflammation, or ligament injuries can be surprisingly common. This can be an even bigger concern if you’ve suffered a neck injury, since this can make you even more likely to develop cervical spondylosis.

Metro Pain Centers is aware of the many risks that can make you more prone to developing neck arthritis, and have treatments designed to either lower the risks or alleviate the symptoms. Since neck arthritis is an ongoing condition that can’t be reversed since it’s caused by age, our treatments focus on the reduction of the symptoms. While we can’t treat neck arthritis itself, we can make significant improvements and allow you to live with the condition.

With early detection, you can avoid feeling the symptoms entirely. Many people have cervical spondylosis and don’t suffer any of the side effects at all, and they live normal lives. Ultimately, our treatment options revolve around making sure that any neck arthritis you’ll experience is as mild as possible, or preventing the condition from progressing to a more severe stage.

Why See A Neck Arthritis Specialist At Metro Pain Centers

Many people have the wrong assumption that a general practice doctor or a primary care physician would be enough to deal with degenerative disorders like neck arthritis. While they can provide palliative care and pain relief, you need to consult a neck arthritis specialist to get an accurate diagnosis of how severe your neck pain is, what exactly caused it, and recommend effective treatment for your specific symptoms.

At Metro Pain Centers, our specialists can also provide the following services to you:

  • Comprehensive oversight of your treatment regimen: we don’t stop at merely giving you medicine – we also help you monitor your progress throughout your treatments
  • Access to the best medications and equipment: CT scans, X-rays, MRIs, and other laboratory tests are all accessible with the Metro Pain Centers’s commitment to using the latest developments in medical science
  • Full support from our medical staff: we also have doctors, nurses, and other healthcare experts on standby in case you need further help with your condition
  • Treatments on-demand: symptoms of neck arthritis can often flare up unexpectedly, and you can rely on us to provide you the pain relief and medical care that you need
  • A proactive approach to treatment: as a degenerative disorder, we strongly believe that heading off the symptoms and preventing neck arthritis from getting worse is the best treatment option for you

Overall, our treatments are personalized to make sure that your needs are met without sacrificing your comfort or peace of mind during your treatment sessions. We strive to make every appointment as pleasant as possible and help you stick to a consistent regimen to improve your quality of life.

FAQs About Neck Arthritis Treatments

Q: Is it possible for me to alleviate my symptoms on my own?

A: Yes. However, we don’t recommend doing that without consulting a medical professional, as substances like painkillers and other medications can have serious side effects if you take them without supervision.

Q: Can I avoid getting neck arthritis entirely?

A: If you live a healthy lifestyle and don’t put too much strain on your body, you can lower the risks of developing neck arthritis early, or at least reduce the severity of your symptoms. But because it’s a condition that’s developed due to your body getting older, it’s not possible to never experience some form of neck arthritis as you get older.

Q: What’s the outlook like for people with neck arthritis?

A: With early detection, treatment, and lifestyle adjustments, people with neck arthritis can lead normal lives without even experiencing symptoms. And while preventive treatment for neck arthritis isn’t possible, you significantly delay it from happening with advice from a medical professional.

Relieve The Symptoms Of Cervical Spondylosis At Metro Pain Centers

Neck arthritis can be extremely uncomfortable and painful for any patient, but the symptoms are manageable if it’s detected early and treated consistently. Metro Pain Centers has extensive experience with long-term treatments for the symptoms of neck arthritis, with specialists that can provide personalized treatment plans that work well for your specific kind of pain. Combined with our expert medical staff and the best equipment and treatments medical science has to offer, you’ll be in good hands.

You can contact Metro Pain Centers if you have any questions about neck arthritis or know someone who’s dealing with the symptoms of cervical spondylosis. Call us to book an appointment today.

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