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Metro Pain Centers understands the crucial role that sports play in our patient’s lives: whether it’s something they do professionally or simply as a way to keep themselves physically fit. This is why we have a dedicated team of specialists that can help people with physical medicine, internal medicine, and other therapies that can work for you without the need for surgery.

With experts that can provide you long-term treatments and emergency medicine for any active injuries you may get from sports. We also provide pain relief from issues like joint pain, ankle injuries, or even specific conditions like tennis elbow to athletes and patients who may need further treatment and rehabilitation for their injuries.

If you’ve recently gotten injured while playing sports or know someone who’s gone through an athletic injury, contact us today to book your consultation. Our physical therapist and sports medicine doctor are always ready to help you with whatever information or services you might need.

How Metro Pain Centers Treats a Sports Injury

Contrary to what most people think, sports medicine isn’t limited to an athlete or their athletic trainer - a lot of the patients that a sports medicine doctor treats aren’t professional sports players at all. Most of the time, these are usually older patients or people who want to make sports a more integral part of their lives, either because it’s their passion or it’s something that helps to keep themselves fit.

This is why Metro Pain Centers uses a proactive approach to sports medicine, aside from our usual array of treatments for injuries and other similar complications. By considering your goals, chosen sport, and other factors in your lifestyle, our physician is able to advise you on the best course of action for you to take when pursuing sports. For active injuries, we use the latest medical tools, equipment, and procedures to diagnose and treat your condition.

At Metro Pain Centers, we believe in getting to the heart of what caused your sports injury, and apply treatments that can be effective both short and long-term. By combining traditional and innovative treatments like physical therapy and PRP injections, we can help you integrate sports as an essential and fulfilling part of your life.

Why See a Sports Medicine Doctor at Metro Pain Centers

Metro Pain Centers has extensive experience in the diagnosis and treatment of sports injuries, but we also provide other services in the field of primary sports medicine like injury prevention and wellness checks. We emphasize non-invasive treatments for injuries, helping you recover from any sports injuries quickly without taxing your body during the recovery process.

Other benefits you can enjoy from going through our sports medicine program include:

  • Advice from other medical specialists: we have doctors and specialists trained in a wide variety of disciplines that can give you expert advice on how to best integrate sports with your daily routine
  • Access to the best medical and wellness treatments: we pride ourselves on only using the latest laboratory tools, medications, and wellness treatments to help you get ready for the rigors of doing sports
  • Support from a dedicated medical team: aside from orthopedic specialists and doctors, we also have highly trained medical staff like a physician assistant, which can help address all your concerns
  • Constant supervision during your treatment: aside from medication and therapy, we also do extensive checkups and consultations to make sure that your progress is steady before and after your treatment, as well to ensure that you get the results that you want
  • Other treatment options available: for cases of chronic pain or long-lasting injuries, you can also avail of our other regenerative treatments like PRP therapy to improve your results from your initial treatment

Metro Pain Centers aims to provide a welcoming experience to anyone who comes to us for a treatment session, ensuring that your comfort as well as your results are both prioritized during your treatment. With years of experience in helping our patients through their pain and other concerns, we’re well-equipped to help you get back on track and be active again.

FAQs About Sports Medicine Treatments

Q: Can I treat sports injuries at home?

A: Any mild sports injuries like scratches and minor bumps can be treated with bed rest, hot and cold therapy, and physical exercise - but for serious injuries or chronic symptoms, you should still get your treatment in-clinic. It’s the best way to make sure that you get the care that you need for your body to heal quickly.

Q: Why do I need a sports medicine doctor?

A: Sports medicine doctors have several similarities to primary care physicians, but they’re more equipped and knowledgeable to handle medical issues that are related to sports. This includes the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of most injuries that you might sustain during sports activities.

Q: I’m not an athlete, should I still see a sports medicine specialist?

A: While athletes can make the most out of the advice of a sports medicine doctor, non-athletes can also benefit greatly from their advice. This is especially crucial for younger and older patients, since their bodies aren’t in the best shape to take on heightened physical activities that sports may sometimes require.

Find Your Sports Medicine Specialist at Metro Pain Centers Today

Sports medicine doctors are an essential part of making sure that you don’t end up with sports-related injuries like concussions, rotator cuff tears, or other common musculoskeletal injuries that you may experience while playing sports. Metro Pain Centers understands that everyone, not just athletes, needs access to a sports medicine specialist, and provides treatment for acute injuries and chronic pain without the need for surgery.

You can contact Metro Pain Centers today if you’ve experienced injuries from physical activity or need help with issues like tendinitis. Call us now to book your appointment today.

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