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Long-Term Pain Management from Fibromyalgia with Metro Pain Centers

Metro Pain Centers provides pain management services to help patients with debilitating medical conditions like fibromyalgia. On your own, fibromyalgia can be difficult to manage with home remedies alone. Our team of fibromyalgia specialists can provide an individualized treatment plan to help you manage your condition.

Fibromyalgia affects millions of adults in the United States, but every person needs their own personalized treatment plan. Fibromyalgia can cause widespread pain all over your body and, if left untreated, can cause emotional and mental distress as it can affect your ability to do the simplest everyday tasks. At Metro Pain, we can provide you with the facilities, treatment, and recommendations for lifestyle changes that can greatly improve how you manage your symptoms. Thus, you can adjust your lifestyle to minimize the chronic pain and continue to live your best life.

If you’re experiencing pain throughout your body to the point that you can no longer sleep or function normally, contact a Metro Pain Centers near you for an initial consultation. A better, more comfortable life is possible with an effective treatment plan that our pain management experts can provide.

Understanding Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition that triggers widespread pain throughout your body. It has similar symptoms to conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, joint pain, and inflammation, which is why it’s common for fibromyalgia to be misdiagnosed as any one of these other conditions. However, unlike other chronic conditions that cause pain through joints, fibromyalgia causes pain in the muscles, skeleton, and soft tissue.

Patients with fibromyalgia can experience a number of symptoms, including:

  • Pain, stiffness, and weakness throughout the body
  • Sleeping problems, which can result in fatigue and tiredness
  • Cognitive problems that make it difficult to think and concentrate
  • Headaches and chronic migraines
  • Neuropathic symptoms in the hands and feet

Because some may mistake fibromyalgia as arthritis or joint pain, it may go untreated or not receive the correct treatment to manage the pain or fully cure it. At Metro Pain Centers, our medical professionals will correctly diagnose your fibromyalgia and give you the right treatment plan to address it.

Treating Fibromyalgia

The cause of fibromyalgia is unknown, though people who have experienced a traumatic injury or have conditions like arthritis, lupus, and autoimmune diseases have a higher risk of developing fibromyalgia. There’s also currently no cure for it. However, fibromyalgia treatment is meant to reduce its symptoms and improve quality of life through various means.

Our fibromyalgia specialists and pain management experts can provide a customized multifaceted treatment plan that combines the following treatment methods:

  • Medication – including over-the-counter pain relievers and prescription drugs that can help manage pain.
  • Exercise – this can include aerobics and muscle strengthening exercises.
  • Stress management – such as meditation, yoga, acupuncture, or massage therapy.
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy – this can help you cope with the emotional and mental distress, as well as talk therapy to help you adjust to living with fibromyalgia.
  • Physical therapy – to help you adjust your motor skills to fibromyalgia.

Why You Need a Fibromyalgia Specialist for Pain Management

Fibromyalgia can be difficult to manage without medical treatment. On top of the pain you experience, basic home remedies and over-the-counter medicine may not be a feasible long-term solution for those living with fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia affects patients differently, which is why people with this condition need their own individual treatment plan developed by a fibromyalgia specialist or pain management expert.

At Metro Pain Centers, our team is fully equipped with the experience and state-of-the-art facilities to help you manage your condition. With our help, you can either minimize the pain frequency and intensity brought about by your condition, or completely prevent experiencing the pain caused by fibromyalgia.

By managing your pain, you can avoid the symptoms that can hinder you from doing your everyday tasks. Patients who seek treatment for their fibromyalgia notice a significant improvement in their ability to do day-to-day activities, and feel much more comfortable with lessened pain in their treatment sites.

Preventing Fibromyalgia

The exact cause of fibromyalgia is unknown, though some researchers believe that it is related to repeated nerve stimulation that can cause your brain to release pain signals even without triggers. This may be caused by factors like genetics, infections, or physically and emotionally traumatizing events that can trigger psychological stress to make you feel pain.

There’s not enough evidence to suggest how to effectively prevent developing fibromyalgia. However, patients can take steps to prevent widespread chronic pain caused by fibromyalgia. At Metro Pain Centers, we offer preventive measures to protect yourself from chronic pain and the effects it can have on your quality of life.

Our initial consultations can help your fibromyalgia specialist diagnose and determine how to best treat your pain. From there, your customized treatment plan can both prevent chronic pain triggers that could cause fibromyalgia or minimize the pain frequency and intensity to reduce its debilitating effects.

FAQs About Fibromyalgia

Q: What are some fibromyalgia symptoms?

A: Primary symptoms of fibromyalgia include widespread pain (a dull ache on both sides of your body and above and below the waist), chronic fatigue, and cognitive difficulties. Many cases of fibromyalgia often coexist with several other medical conditions, including:

  • Headaches and chronic migraines
  • Abdominal pain, bloating, and constipation
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Painful bladder syndrome
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Neuropathic symptoms in the hands and feet
  • Symptoms of arthritis and other rheumatic conditions

At Metro Pain, your individual treatment plan can treat the pain or discomfort caused by these symptoms.

Q: What is the prognosis for fibromyalgia patients?

A: Fibromyalgia isn’t a terminal condition, but it can have serious life-long effects that, without an effective treatment plan, can lower your quality of life. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, people with fibromyalgia are twice as likely to be hospitalized due to the pain caused by it. The risk of developing arthritis and other rheumatic conditions is also higher compared to those without fibromyalgia.

By taking steps to manage the pain and other symptoms of your condition, you can still live your best life while managing the pain you could experience from fibromyalgia.

Q: What are my tender points and how can a fibromyalgia specialist find it?

A: Back in the early 19th century, fibromyalgia (then known as fibrositis) was believed to be inflammation in certain joints – known as your tender points – that caused the most pain. It was also believed that fibromyalgia was limited to those points, and any other musculoskeletal region that experienced pain may just be imaginary.

Fibromyalgia was understood better and realized that there were no tender points, but widespread pain that could vary between patients. At Metro Pain Centers, we only use accurate and updated methods of using tender points to diagnose fibromyalgia. Our team diagnoses you based on the severity and nature of the pain you feel from fibromyalgia.

Improve Your Quality of Life Today with Metro Pain Centers

While fibromyalgia isn’t fully scientifically understood yet, many medical studies are being done for it, and researchers are actively finding more answers. In the meantime, patients with fibromyalgia can take steps to manage their pain and discomfort and live normal lives in spite of their condition. At Metro Pain Centers, our team of fibromyalgia specialists and pain management experts can help you understand your condition and develop an effective treatment plan to prevent further damage and minimize your discomfort.

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