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At Metro Pain Centers in Middletown, NY, you experience a new standard of care.

Our pain management specialists treat each patient with empathy and thoroughness, using advanced techniques that get to the underlying cause of pain.

Experience Unparalleled Care at Metro Pain Centers

Metro Pain Center has been setting the gold standard in pain management care for years in multiple locations across the US. Our team of pain management specialists understands what it’s like to live with chronic or acute pain and are fully committed to helping our patients get relief.

Unlike other practices, we take the time to understand the biological, psychological and social factors contributing to your pain. With state-of-the-art procedures and credentialed physicians, we have helped hundreds of patients manage conditions from nerve pain to post-surgical pain.

Our Pain Management Specialties

Back Pain Relief

Back pain is one of the most common reasons patients seek pain management care. Nearly 80% of adults will experience low back pain at some point in their lives. The pain medicine doctors at Metro Pain Center understand how debilitating back pain can be.

Understanding Back Pain: Causes and Symptoms

Back pain can stem from injuries, arthritis, herniated discs, and other conditions that affect the muscles, ligaments and structures in your spine.

Common symptoms include sharp, aching or throbbing pain in the lower back that worsens with movement or prolonged sitting or standing.

Our Comprehensive Back Pain Treatment Approach

Our pain management specialists take a multidisciplinary approach to back pain relief. We begin by determining the root cause of your pain through imaging, evaluations and tests.

Then we create an individualized treatment plan that may include medications, physical therapy, lifestyle changes, spinal injections and minimally invasive procedures.

The goal is to not just reduce your pain but improve spine function and mobility so you can return to enjoying the activities you love.

Neck Pain Solutions

Many patients visit our office seeking relief from nagging neck pain. Our interventional pain management specialists understand how neck pain can interfere with your quality of life and aim to restore mobility and comfort.

Neck Pain Explained: Causes and Symptoms

Neck pain has many potential sources, from strained muscles to arthritis to pinched nerves. Common causes of chronic neck pain include wear and tear on spinal discs, osteophytes or bone spurs that irritate nerves, and muscle spasms caused by improper posture or repetitive motions.

Symptoms range from annoying to debilitating and include stiff necks, neck aches, headaches, numbness and tingling in the arms.

Our Proven Techniques for Neck Pain Relief

Our pain doctors customize neck pain treatment based on each patient’s individual needs, utilizing conservative treatments where possible. This may include physical therapy, prescription medications and lifestyle changes.

For more stubborn cases, we provide minimally invasive procedures like radiofrequency ablation and epidural steroid injections to constrict inflamed nerves, relieve swelling and ease bone spurs putting pressure on spinal cords. Our success rates for neck pain relief are among the best in the area.

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Sciatica Pain Management

You dread the shooting nerve pain that radiates down your leg whenever you sit for too long or engage in certain movements. You have been diagnosed with sciatica and are desperate for relief.

The pain management experts at Metro Pain Center understand how debilitating sciatica pain can be. Our goal is to get you back to living an active, pain-free life again.

All About Sciatica: Causes and Symptoms

Sciatica refers to pain caused by irritation or compression of the sciatic nerve that runs from your lower back through your hips and legs. It often stems from a herniated disc pressing on the nerve.

Common symptoms include radiating pain from your lower back into one or both legs, numbness and tingling, muscle weakness and difficulty sitting or standing for long periods.

Our Effective Treatments for Sciatica Pain

Our team of chronic pain specialists utilize a combination of treatments tailored to each patient’s sciatica severity and underlying causes. More conservative options may include physical therapy, anti-inflammatory medicines and lifestyle interventions.

For moderate to severe sciatica, we may recommend interventional pain procedures like epidural steroid injections and nerve root blocks to relieve inflammation and constrict irritated nerves. In refractory cases, we provide decompressive back surgeries to alleviate pressure on the sciatic nerve.

Expertise in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Our pain management specialists are experts in physical medicine and rehabilitation – an approach that harnesses non-surgical treatments to restore function and manage chronic pain.

Harnessing Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation for Chronic Pain

A pillar of rehabilitation medicine is helping patients recover from physical impairments and disabilities, which often includes managing chronic pain.

By using a combination of treatments like exercise therapy and manual therapy techniques, physical medicine specialists can often reduce pain without the need for surgery or addictive medications. The goal is to maximize your mobility, independence and quality of life without total elimination of your pain.

The Role of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation in Managing Chronic Pain

Physical medicine specialists rely on a range of non-invasive interventions for chronic pain management. These include:

  • Physical therapy: Custom exercises prescribed to strengthen muscles, improve posture and increase flexibility.
  • Manual therapy: Techniques like massage, spinal manipulation and joint mobilization to relieve inflammation and stiffness.
  • Modalities: Heat, cold, ultrasound and electrical stimulation to soothe sore areas and relax tense muscles.
  • Medications: Anti-inflammatory drugs and other non-opioid options to control pain symptoms.
  • Lifestyle changes: Weight loss, stress reduction methods and activity pacing to minimize pain triggers.

Together, these rehabilitative techniques can provide substantial relief with fewer side effects than invasive options.

Integrative Sports Medicine for Injury Recovery

Whether you’re an amateur athlete or competitive player, an injury can derail your activity level and enjoyment of the sport you love.

Our team offers an integrative approach to sports medicine that helps athletes minimize pain and recover fully from sports injuries.

The Intersection of Sports Medicine and Pain Management

At the intersection of sports medicine and pain management lies improved quality of life for injured athletes. Sports medicine physicians focused on pain relief aim to decrease inflammation, restore function and mobility, and allow patients to return to the court, field or track without restrictions.

An ideal model incorporates physical therapy, medications, bracing or taping, and interventional procedures customized to each patient’s sport and injury type.

How Our Team Tackles Sports Injuries

Our pain management specialists trained in sports medicine have helped countless local athletes recover from injuries and return to play.

We begin by determining the cause and severity of your injury through imaging and physical exams. We then create a customized treatment plan that may include:

  • Physical therapy tailored to your sport
  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and other medications
  • Bracing, taping and other joint stabilization techniques
  • Platelet-rich plasma injections to aid healing
  • Surgery as a last resort

Our goal is to find the least invasive treatments possible to optimize healing and restore mobility, strength and function to pre-injury levels.

The Power of Interventional Pain Management

Following acute injury or surgery, interventional pain management techniques can make a huge difference in your level of comfort and mobility.

Effectively Managing Acute Pain with Interventional Techniques

For patients dealing with post-surgical pain, injury-related pain or flare-ups of chronic conditions, interventional pain specialists utilize minimally invasive procedures to get fast relief.

These techniques target the source of acute pain whether it’s inflamed nerves, joints, ligaments or muscles. The goal is to quickly relieve symptoms so you can start the healing process and resume daily activities.

The Impact of Interventional Pain Management on Acute Pain

Techniques like nerve blocks and injections provide temporary but meaningful relief from acute, unremitting pain that can become chronic if left untreated.

By interrupting pain signals in the early stages following an event, interventional procedures reduce pain, inflammation and muscle spasms that hinder recovery. They also minimize the need for high doses of opioid medications that carry side effects and risks for addiction.

Interventional Pain Management Techniques at Metro Pain Centers

Our fellowship-trained interventional pain specialists utilize a range of minimally invasive procedures for acute pain relief, including:

  • Nerve blocks – Temporarily “turn off” nerves to stop pain signals
  • Epidural steroid injections – Reduce swelling and inflammation around nerves
  • Facet joint injections – Relieve pressure and inflammation in spinal joints
  • PRP injections – Speed healing by introducing platelet-rich plasma
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Types of Pain Management Specialists

Physical Therapists

Physical therapists are front-line healthcare providers in managing both acute and chronic pain. They work to improve mobility, recover function and relieve pain through hands-on treatments like massage, stretching exercises and posture correction.

Physical therapists often work closely with patients’ other healthcare providers to develop plans that optimize rehabilitation.

Pain Medicine Doctors

Also known as anesthesiologists specializing in pain management, these physicians focus solely on diagnosing and treating various types of chronic pain conditions.

Using a combination of treatments like medications, nerve blocks and injections, they aim to minimize pain while maximizing patients’ quality of life.

Interventional Pain Management Physicians

These specialists perform minimally invasive procedures to help control persistent pain.

Common interventions include epidural steroid injections, facet joint injections, nerve blocks and ablations using radiofrequency energy. They often work in tandem with other pain specialists to exhaust conservative options first.

Spinal Cord Injury Medicine Physicians

Doctors specializing in spinal cord injuries provide comprehensive care to help injured nerves heal and manage pain and other symptoms caused by spinal cord damage.

They develop long-term plans that combine medications, rehabilitation and surgeries.

Cancer Pain Specialists

These practitioners focus on diagnosing and treating the various types of pain caused by cancer itself as well as associated treatments.

They employ both pharmacological and non-pharmacological strategies to enhance patients’ comfort and functionality.

Sports Injury Doctors

Sports medicine physicians focused on pain management evaluate and treat various kinds of sports injuries that lead to both acute and chronic pain.

Using a range of treatments from prescription medications and physical therapy to injections and procedures, they help athletes minimize pain and regain their prior levels of function and performance.

Your Path to Pain-Free Living Starts with Metro Pain Centers

At Metro Pain Centers, our mission is more than just managing your pain – it’s helping you achieve an active, engaged lifestyle free from the restrictions that chronic suffering imposes.

Our Commitment to Your Pain Relief and Overall Well Being

When you seek relief from unrelenting pain at Metro Pain Centers, you become part of a caring family committed to more than just reducing your symptoms — we aim to improve your overall physical and emotional wellbeing.

Our pain management specialists recognize that chronic pain impacts every aspect of life from relationships and mood to sleep, work and activities you enjoy.

We take a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach tailored to your individual needs and desires. Our goal is to get you back to living life to the fullest once again.

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At Metro Pain Centers, we help patients alleviate pain using different approaches like interventional pain management, physical medicine, counseling and psychological support, pain medications, and more.

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PRP Pain Management

Interventional Pain Management

Interventional Pain Management

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Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana

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Physical Therapy

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Our expert team at Metro Pain Centers has years of experience in helping patients relieve pain and other symptoms caused by different neurological, muscular, or skeletal conditions. We are always looking for the most effective procedures using our knowledge in pain management, sports medicine, osteopathy, and anesthesiology.

We make sure to provide personalized care and treatment for patients who suffer from: