Patients Often Come In With Back Pain, Neck Pain, Joint Pain, Headaches

Patients often come in with back pain, neck pain, joint pain, headaches and other types of pain which have been bothering them for a long period of time; especially those who have not experienced relief with over-the-counter remedies or traditional oral pain killers. At Metro Pain Centers in Clifton, NJ Staten Island, NY and Edison NJ we provide patients a relatively pain-free experience through epidural, facet, Botox, and spinal cord stimulators, trigger point, and other injections without the need for invasive surgery. Some of these procedures can be performed in office or at a local surgery center with minimal recovery time needed. Dr. Sood, Dr. Shah, and Dr. Patel are very experienced and have performed over 1,000 procedures and helped people regain their quality of life by relieving chronic pain from cancer, radiculopathy, pinched nerve, arthritis, migraines, RSD, pelvic pain, and other diagnoses.

Metro Pain Centers can be reached at 862-303-3463 or online Same day appointments are available.

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